February 3, 2023

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YPF executives met with Indian officials to discuss lithium

President of the YPF, Pablo Gonzalez, And CEO of the company, Sergio Afrondi, Met with Ambassador of the Republic of India in Argentina Dinesh Patia to strengthen international cooperation in projects. Lithium, Company sources said.

The meeting took place today at the headquarters of the oil company in the Buenos Aires area of ​​Puerto Maduro with the Indian Ambassador, Secretary to the Ministry of Mines of India Alok Tandon and CEO of the state-owned Kapil Company. The company also participated.Ranjit Rath, an Indian mining company.

Consultative sources pointed out that the meeting was planned to “strengthen the link of international cooperation in lithium projects”, which is the basic input for the development of batteries for the electrification of transport and energy storage.

Without neglecting our oil and gas core business, YPF’s entry into the lithium business is the most important step towards advancing energy transfer and enhancing the growth of this resource and its industrialization with national value.“, Explained.

Three months ago the board of directors of the National Oil Company decided to form YPF Litio SA It will thus be involved in the development of the use of this mineral which is in high demand for the global electrification process. Pablo Gonzalez, the company’s current chairman, referred to the creation of the new group company from Santa Cruz as “part of the need to prepare the industry for a new type”. Do it with energy and vision for the future “.

At a meeting of the board of directors, Gonzalez said the company should “think about diversifying its business horizons” to integrate in creating a corporate image of lithium and that it would “allow investment to be added”. Horizon for shareholders “.

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