May 31, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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YouTube, Telegram, a few fake athletes… and a lot of noses

Everything fits. About. Every now and then a Russian gambling fan wanted to gamble a few rubles Indian Cricket League He has to connect to his YouTube channel, track how the day’s match is going and place bets through Telegram. It was easy. faster. More or less obvious. As an icing, it offered pluses for taking risks with an attractive game.

All benefits.

Or not.

The problem is that bettors in Moscow or St. Petersburg don’t see real games, nor does the money they put on the table move through the real gaming circuit. On the contrary. The bettors were the victims, the players acted as simple extras, nothing else in the business A ridiculous and deceptive scam Homemade, worthy of Esteso and Bajares.

Razzi for the best bad cheat

If there are some Razzie Awards Among these scams, the one busted by the Indian Police in Gujarat will undoubtedly be nominated in the categories of lead and supporting actors, special effects, sound, screenplay, soundtrack and, of course, editing and directing.

Bazas certainly is.

A local agent from far-flung Molipore noticed a few people gathering in the morning and evening and the rabbit jumped. A farm in the area To play cricket matches. That being said, it doesn’t sound too suspicious, but the truth is that the team switched on huge floodlights, all dressed in gear from some of the top teams in the Indian league and constantly hung up on an umpire’s instructions in a whisper. – Speech.

So much for a party among a few friends.

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When the researchers began to investigate, they discovered what the young people were actually doing Simulates competitions Indian Cricket League. Not because an obsessive and uncontrollable passion overwhelms them. No. Matches were broadcast via YouTube so that some unsuspecting racing fans would be encouraged to gamble their rupees thousands of kilometers away on the remote and cold Russian steppe. Meetings, of course, They were scammed Those responsible for corruption can get maximum benefit.

They stayed that way for about 14 days, until they reached the semi-finals of that particular league and swindled thousands of dollars from Russian punters. Newspaper Guardian Accurate 300,000 equivalent in first installment to at least one of the accused in the fraud. 3,700 euros more or less.

How can they get it?

Like good B-series movies, more desire, will and imagination than resources.

Even with a bit of a nose.

Initially, the scam seemed to be targeting gamblers who didn’t make much headway in the Indian Cricket League. Its name was different—the fake called itself the Indian Premier Cricket League; The original is there Indian Premier League (IPL)—and even the dates and calendars don’t match. The fake league began three weeks after May ended in an attempt to prevent cheaters from identifying the real competition and smelling fraud.

Used for racing A telegraph channel and competitions Aired on YouTube.

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Since the Russians didn’t know about Indian cricket, the big question was: How did the fraudsters mimic professional matches and keep their victims unsuspecting? After all, IPL is a millionaire business and a true mass spectacle. In June, its regulatory body sold TV and digital transmission rights $6.2 billion.

In order to win, the fraudsters were workers and unemployed, about 24 youths dressed in professional team uniforms and paid. 400 per match, which doesn’t even reach five euros. His job was basically to make Parippe look professional.

On the field, with them, was a rogue umpire who received instructions from their computers that the perpetrators of the fraud had carefully sung to him over the evolution of Russian races. Because the disappointment didn’t attract much attention, the foul players knew certain signals they could use, for example, when they should throw the ball more slowly.

Games were played A remote farm Gujarat has nothing to do with such professional stadiums MA Chidambaram, with a capacity of 50,000 spectators. Showing wide or wide shots would have raised alarm bells, at least in cricket, so the broadcasts focused only on the players and were broadcast with recorded audio reproducing the whistles, hoots and hoots of the public. Civilians, of course, are nowhere to be seen in Gujarat Farm. There were only extras. And fraudsters.

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The film was completed with a few extras that gave the streaming a certain professional flavor, with on-screen scores and signs like the BBC logo. In case anyone was in doubt, the band even hired an announcer who was in charge of following and narrating the meetings. Harsha BhogleOne Most popular commentators from the country.

It sounds like a joke, but it worked for a while.

In all, Indian agents have accused about four people of being responsible for the scam, one of whom worked for a while at a Moscow pub known for gambling. There, in Russia, he says a partner allegedly involved in the scam suggested him the idea of ​​a fake cricket league.

The rest is already important Chronicle of crime chusca.

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