June 7, 2023

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Yoga, India’s ancient practice of spreading infectious diseases | TRENDS

India celebrated International Day , An ancient practice that is forced to change by the controls of the corona virus infection, which seeks to become a refuge for the mind and body.

Under the slogan “Yoga for Wellness”, enthusiastic followers of this practice in India celebrated the day with outdoor and home sessions. In 2014.

Many political leaders, including the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi or the President of the country Ramnath Govind, shared their own practices with virtual activities on the agenda of the event.

For the second year in a row no mass event has been organized to prevent expansion Modi, an avid yogi and promoter of the celebration, said, “Yoga has become a beacon of hope” in the fight against infection.

“Yoga helps people gain confidence to fight this disease,” he added.

The ancient “Vedas” (meaning “wisdom”), the Hindu scriptures dating back to 1,500 BC and the Oriental morality that forms the basis of Hinduism, have a new awakening with the impetus of the government. Modi today unveiled the application of M-Yoga to facilitate practice around the world.

A talent beyond practice

This practice teaches us that “there may be many problems, but we have infinite solutions. We are the greatest source of energy in the universe, ”Modi said, especially in an age when no one was made.

“Yoga is much deeper than a physical and practical part. Although your body product helps you gain strength, challenge yourself and strengthen your mind, it is still just a tool,” explained Indian yogi Bindiya Sabarwal.

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“Meditation gives you a lot of clarity to focus on, so you can only focus on the right path for you. It makes the best decision for you. Once you have made a decision, you have to live with it, and yoga gives you the strength to decide what decision you want to make.” He added.

Indian yogi Rohini shared the same view, explaining that the benefits of yoga can fade if you do not take it as “a new way of exercising” and “a study to change your lifestyle”.

“If you choose the right way to do yoga, it helps balance your personality, which can do wonders for you, but if you end up choosing the wrong way, it can hurt you even more,” the Indian yogi teacher explained.

An international family

But beyond the physical and mental benefits, the expansion of yoga was able to create a community of followers who crossed boundaries.

Manav, a yoga teacher in the coastal region of Goa, has received hundreds of international students who are ready to embark on a spiritual journey at his school and now have to guide them from home through his computer screen.

“Yoga is like the community of the neighbors. Over the years, people have come to train with us and come back to their home country, ”he explained to Efe.

The epidemic did not prevent him from maintaining contact with his alumni: in fact, some of them continue to attend his classes; It does not prevent other newcomers from entering the school, it is interested in entering a practice that takes time for a learning process.

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The study of yoga never ends, “You do the same pose every day, but that doesn’t mean you make progress. You have to see every day how far you can go in each pose, for this you have to be positive, ”he said.

The practice of this discipline would be very helpful. “Even if you don’t plan it, your life will become a routine and you will develop morale. Because as a person you are very humble and you do not want to hurt anyone, you can do everything, “he concludes.