June 2, 2023

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Yanmar begins production of industrial machinery in India

Yanmar Engine Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd (YEMI) Announces launch of production at its new state-of-the-art industrial machinery plant located at Origins Industrial Estate in the State of Tamil Nadu, India. The new plant will produce 80,000 units of industrial motors ranging from 15 kW to 37 kW per year, and plans to increase production capacity to 160,000 units. The engines will be delivered not only to India but also to Europe, US, Asia and other high demand areas.

The plant will initially manufacture machinery for Yanmar-branded tractors manufactured by International Tractors Limited (a Yanmar joint venture) and other OEMs in the agricultural and construction industries.

New YEMI factory at Origins Industrial Estate (India).

Varun Khanna, CEO, YEMI, says demand for industrial machinery is expected to grow as mechanization in the agriculture and construction sectors increases in developing countries such as India, which is experiencing rapid economic growth.

Since its installation on November 9, 2018, Yanmar Engine Manufacturing India Pvt. Hajim Hiroy, Director, YEMI, says that Ltd is working towards starting operations. The new plant will be a key platform for expanding global sales of Yanmar industrial machinery in the future.

The new plant is equipped with the same production and quality control systems used in Japan to ensure high quality machine production. In addition, solar panels are installed and the total annual production is about 1,380,000 kWh. With the use of rainwater and green manure, the plant will use this renewable energy in its operation, greatly reducing its environmental impact.

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  • Area where the new factory is located: 129,300 m22
  • Construction area of ​​the plant: 23,708 m22
  • Plant capacity: 80,000 units / year
  • Employees: 130 employees (January 2022)