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Yankees’ Domingo German Ejected After Material Check: ‘The strongest hand I’ve ever felt in my life,’ Ump says

Written by Chris Kirshner, Brendan Cotey and Eno Sarris

Yankees right fielder Domingo German was ejected from New York’s 6-3 win over the Blue Jays on Tuesday. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Germain was examined by each referee before the fourth inning and it was determined that his hand contained an illegal substance.
  • The 30-year-old pitched three scoreless innings with two hits before being sacked.
  • German spent each of his six MLB seasons with the Yankees, compiling a career high of 4.34 and a record of 28-24.
  • in Pool report interview After the match, crew chief James Hoy said Germain’s hand was “the most hand I’ve ever felt”.

the athleteInstant Analysis:

What does this mean for the Yankees?

Germain was closely checked for excess gunk on his hand just over a month ago in a start against the Twins as he struck out a career-high 11 batters in 6 1/3 innings pitched. Germán was allowed to continue playing on that outing after the umpires allowed him to wash his hands.

The Yankees said it was rosin, which is legal unless overused or abused. Now, Germain will be banned for 10 matches after being sent off in Tuesday’s game.

The Yankees will not be allowed to replace Germain on the roster, though they can easily designate relief player Ryan Weber for assignment and call up a minor league player if they wish. Since the Yankees have the day off next Monday, the team can simply skip Germain’s spot in the rotation next time around.

Luis Severino may be making his season debut on Sunday after he threw 55 pitches in rehab duty Tuesday night. – Kirchner

More cause for concern?

What’s more, reliever Ian Hamilton left the game with a two-goal lead in the third period. Hamilton went out with a boss – a bad sign.

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The Yankees have yet to say what’s wrong with Hamilton, but they can’t afford to lose the 27-year-old right-hander. It was a revelation. In addition to big-league spring training as a non-roster invitee, Hamilton came into Tuesday with a 1.27 ERA in 15 games, with a funky “slambio” cracking ball.

Yankees ball has already been ruined by injuries to Jonathan Loaziga, Tommy Canley and Lou Trevino. The starting staff was a wreck, too. They need the news about Hamilton to be good or General Manager Brian Cashman will have to dig deep into his Triple-A roster for a replacement.

“I think (Hamilton) will step back a bit,” coach Aaron Boone told reporters after the match. “We’ll see. I think he’ll come back to New York.” – Cutie

What can German turnover rates tell us?

Germán’s turnover rates didn’t rise appreciably—they were within normal variation from game to game, at least, about 50-60rpm higher than his season average when the standard deviation among starting pitchers is more than 150rpm—and these points are why use Turn rates alone is not a great way to block adhesives.

We know he was forced to wash his hands before, but we don’t know what and when he used it. Therefore, there is no easy baseline that can be set for a pitcher. If you looked at the turnover rates for his starts today alone, you wouldn’t have flagged Germain for further examination. – Sarees

what are they saying

“His hand was clearly shining on his palm and fingertips,” Hui said. “The moment I looked at his hand, it was so shiny and so sticky. It’s the hardest hand I’ve ever felt.

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“It wasn’t rosin… My hands felt with rosin and it definitely wasn’t rosin. It was very sticky. Rosin is usually a little tacky. This was sticky. My fingers had a hard time getting off his palm.”

“He’s clearly not feeling well,” Boone told reporters. “We’re also talking about – what’s the line? It’s tough. He’s been in the crossfire a little bit. He’s gone up to a level that they didn’t feel was good. In the end, that’s Domingo’s responsibility to make sure we’re in a better position there… The truth is he has to be We all have a pretty good idea what the line is, and apparently, Domingo crossed it tonight.”

Asked if the material was as pineful as the Yankees said of his April start against Minnesota, Boone said, “I think it was the same. Look, they’re always comparing hands and of course it’s not going to be anything on the other hand. There’s not going to be a run.” .I don’t know what the line was. He just said it was too sticky. That was the explanation.”

Germain gave the following explanation through an interpreter: “Just a bag of rosin. There are two bags of rosin. You have one rock and sand. I use sand. From the last game a few games ago, they mentioned I didn’t use it enough on the mound. Tonight, I was using it.” On the hill and that’s it.

“I also wanted to say that I have to apologize to my teammates and my team. I’m putting them in a tough spot, and I understand how much I used the Bulls. I’m putting them in a tough spot.”

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