June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen was defeated by a young woman from India

Young Indian Grandmaster Rameshbabu Pragyananda defeats world champion Magnus Carlsen in 39 moves.

Rameshbabu Pragyananda is called “Brock” And, at just 16 years old, The sense of world chess. In his biodata there are many crushed records like the youngest Grand Master and the fifth in the world in the history of his country. He was also the world champion in the sub-8 division. And he just became Magnus Carlson was an early executionerAce of boards from 2013. However, “Brock” owes everything Cartoon.

The reason? Vaishali, the elder sister of Indian Wunderkind, was introduced to sports science by her parents. Stop watching so much TV. His favorite entertaining cartoons. Love seeing it. Years later, and Seeing his sister play so much, “Brock” died Before the Rocks, Queens and Soldiers. “We had to teach Vaishali to play to reduce her TV habit. Over time, both of our sons loved the game They decided to dedicate themselves to himRameshbabu, Vaishali’s father, was quoted in The Bridge, an Indian newspaper.

The Pragyananda family, a simple native, lives in Padi, a suburb of Chennai, India. At home There are also full display boxes with “Brock” winning trophies And his sister Vaishali. For many years now, Brock’s practice has included an hour’s ride (by car or bus) to a chess school run by his mentor, the Indian Grand Master. Ramanathan Ramesh. “Brock”‘s foresight and desire to learn made him the star of the place. Another Indian grandmaster like Viswanathan Anand praised the talent of “Brock” and increased his stakes. Before corona virus infectionThe future of this young man who did not reach the age of 15 then. His victory against Carlson turned him into a gift.

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Carlson disappointed after defeat:

“It’s extraordinary. I’m been following him since he was a great teacher. His understanding of chess is very unusual for a 12 – year – old boy. Anand said some time ago, quoting the El País newspaper. He added: “Being one of the greatest talents we have in the world right now, as a person I really like Brock, He is a very loving guy”. Anand is no more or less than the statue of the young Prodigy.

A story told by Ramesh, the chess teacher of “Brock”, fully illustrates his love for chess. His urge to pursue further learning; In order to be better. “I often ask students to tell me if they watched ten chess videos during classes or not,” Ramesh explained at the Indian outlet The Bridge. He added: “Many people tell me that I could not reach the age of ten because of school, study, homework and other daily chores. Anyway, I was once surprised to see Brock’s answer. He said he saw it 30 videos a day. That’s the commitment it takes to become a chess champion. I was amazed at his willingness to learn and how willing he was Sacrifice everything for chess”.

Any other teenager in Brock will have the fastest social media profile. However, that includes the practice of the young chess player Daily ping pong competition Two hours in the pool with his teacher’s son and to calm his mind. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram. “The expectations created around you have a negative impact. If he fails, the effect sometimes affects him. He is only 16 years old and I am proud of how he performed against some of the best players in the worldRamesh, his coach and teacher, told ESPN.

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Rameshbabu Pragyananda, to the defeated young Indian ó Carlson, looks at the board carefully: he owes his interest in the game to his sister who learned After her parents started her, she would not watch much TV

Rameshbabu Pragyananda, a young Indian who defeated Carlson, looks at the board carefully: he owes his interest in the game to his sister, who learned with him after his parents started her, so she does not watch much TV.

The game against Carlson is an example of such “excellent performance against the best players”. Playing black, exploiting “Brock” Some inattention of the world champion defeats him. “I am very happy. Playing against these competitors every month is a great opportunity for me. I can learn a lot,” the 16-year-old Indian said in an interview with Chess24.

For the past few days, “Brock” has had to do Change your routine for a quick match This is controversial online. “I go to bed late to practice”Said Carlson after the score. “It works because now (at dawn) I’m fresh. But now everything has come to bed. I think I can not eat anything at 2:30 in the morning.” His win in 39 moves against the world champion Persisted in history. It was time to rest.

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