March 21, 2023

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Will Smith appeared in India a month after the controversy

The already famous slap to Will Smith’s Chris Rock about a month ago At the full Oscar ceremony. The controversial moment has given a lot to talk about since then, however, After a public apology Accept the sentence imposed by the academy, The actor disappeared from the media light Until then nothing was known about him NowWhen Photo taken Especially during a trip to India Mumbai.

Will Smith reappears in India

According to a report in the American magazine Page Six, and by various local media outlets. Will Smith was spotted in Bombay last SaturdayWhere, according to sources consulted by the Hindustan Times, Spiritual leader Satguru may have come to meet Zaki VasudevaThe well-known Hindu would have known the reason why the actor had already gone to the country.

The last visit of the translator India It was In 2019When He was on the set of the reality show ‘The Bucket List’. A form in which Will revealed everything he wanted to do before he died And where already He acknowledged some of his spiritual concerns When going to the city HaridwarNorthwest New DelhiHe attended the fire ceremony.

In this case, Images This confirms the information published by ‘Page Six’, They show the actor in a sober attitude And with great attention to his fans With whom he took some photos, in fact, in some he can be seen getting out of a white car and greeting the camera, while at the same time conversing casually with the staff around him.

Among the reasons considered One reason Smith is in the country It is true that the actor has traveled in search of some relief And ask for help Dealing with the stress that comes from controversyIn addition to reflecting on what happened in Los Angeles.

A crisis in your industry

Finally though Will Smith was not forced to drop the statue He won for his work as a lead actor. Williams method‘, Academy Hollywood Motion Picture Arts and Sciences e has been banned from participating in its shows and events for the next ten yearsThat too is a decision The actor’s work has had an impact on contractsMany of his projects have stalled after the incident at the Dolby Theater. Some Los Angeles media even dare to confirm it What happened Affected your marriage It will face a strong crisis, not in vain Jada Pinkett admits that the family is making a full recovery.

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