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Who was voted for tonight? & Who Won HOH? Big Brother Network

It’s a double dose of Big Brother 24 This week with the two-hour eviction episode featuring a whole new twist on a detached house as the HGs are about to split up faster than Jasmine can turn to her exaggerated tone and grab her crutch. By the end of the night, we’ll be a house officer, the jury will be one member, and we’ll have two “houses” to follow. Let’s see who voted tonight Big brother And who won HOH.

Wednesday night I stopped with a cliffhanger to meet Veto as Taylor sought Alyssa’s new target for her trip to London. In fact, Taylor didn’t mind too much at first, but she loves “good TV” and seems to be seeking out the coolest exit for her HOH week. We’re going to watch that meeting and obviously there’s some screaming in this meeting.

The results of Big Brother 24 – Veto meeting in the sixth week:

  • Caleā€¦ decides not to veto
  • Final Names of the Week: Indy & Terrance

After the meeting the fake Taylor shouted at Cale in storage. She wanted to appear upset and surprised by his move. She tries to cover her potential votes in the jury.

We’re getting way too many slices of stuffing tonight. This is brutal. The eviction vote won’t arrive until the second hour of the show, so settle in and get ready.

With the names set, it’s time to vote. There are eight votes cast in this round which means we could see a tie-breaker and Taylor definitely wants to avoid that happening. Will the leftovers come together and give her some cover?

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Big Brother Results 24 – Sixth Week Votes:

  • Monty sounds for evacuation: Indy
  • Michael voted for evacuation: Terrance
  • Joseph votes for eviction: Indy
  • Jasmine votes for eviction: Indy
  • Alyssa votes for eviction: Andy
  • Brittany votes for eviction: Indy
  • Turner’s Voice for Eviction: Indy
  • Kyle’s voice for evacuation: Andy

By a 7-1 vote, Indy has been kicked out From the house of the older brother.

In the introduction, Julie asks Indy who she blames for kicking her out. Andy Kyle says, even after Julie points out that Taylor promised her her safety, yet she’s sitting here. Andy thinks that Kyle was trying to protect Monty.

The one who got kicked out tonight is going to become the first BB24 juror and will return on the final night, Sunday, September 25 to help determine the winner.

Before we get to the new head of the family, it’s time for Julie to drop some unfamiliar news about the HGs. They will be split into groups of five and face two parallel rounds of game for week 7. We’ll know more soon but expect one half to occupy the backyard and the other to head inside. Next time they’ll be together again a week apart. crazy!

Julie explains that the indoor half of the house will be “Big BroChella” and the outdoor staff will attend “Dyre Fest.” Julie did the math for each group: 1 HOH, 2 Noms, and just 2 votes for an expulsion. Sorry, these are tight margins. It’s a leap forward towards the end style.

Big Brother Results 24 – Week 7 HOH – See VIP:

  • Round 1: Brett vs. Terrance – Terrance gets it right
  • Round 2: Joseph vs. Jasmine – Jasmine gets it right
  • Round Three: Turner vs. Monty – Turner is right
  • Round 4: Alyssa vs. Terrance – Terrance gets it right
  • Round 5: Michael vs. Kyle – Michael got it right
  • Round 6: Terrance vs Jasmine – Terrance gets it right
  • Round 7: Michael vs. Turner – Michael got it right
  • Round 8: Michael vs. Terrance – Michael gets it right!
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Michael wins HOH He’ll be inside all week. Terrance, summer HOH from BroChella will be outside.

Julie explains that Michael and Terrance are going to select the schoolyard for four HG people to join them in their fests. The show stops before that happens even though we’ll see it on Sunday night and we’ll have those spoilers For you tonight when the feeds come back.

Big Brother Results 24 – 7th Week Sets:

  • spoilers: Waiting for the returns…

After the show, we will return to live feeds Watch the fallout on who won the capital and the start of the next rounds of planning for this week’s goal. to overtake Free trial And join us there now!

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