January 31, 2023

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White Tiger: New India’s dark satire | Culture

2008 Booker Prize winner, novel by Indian journalist Arvind Adiga White tiger It is a radical view of contemporary India, whose author has drawn harsh criticism for the “cynical” portrait of his country, which, in the opinion of local voices, was prepared in advance for a well-meaning foreign audience. True to the book’s black humor and the spoiled fate of foreign audiences, the screen adaptation of Iranian-American director Ramin Bahrani recreates the life of young entrepreneur Balram Halwai, who played with the broad expression of the ubiquitous Adarsh ​​Koura. .

The story of a poor boy raised in the country condemns the “chicken coop” of the poor, but has been marked with the ambition of a “white tiger” since childhood, considered its social and political satire. In the country markets the pair meet the royal and the hungry cat. The mirror of a Silicon Valley class struggle applies here to a man whose new capitalist morality is condemned as a slave, but he never dreams of being the next master. Better than the previous one, but in the end I like it again. The film, described by its protagonist in epistolary form, begins with a letter from a lonely place of a young entrepreneur to a Chinese leader he travels to India and the young entrepreneur admits all the bad and dark details of his past humiliation and humility until he becomes a successful entrepreneur. With frantic pace, his exaggerated shots and his moral bag are very bearable, White tiger This is thanks to its humor, its good translators and the beautiful postcard of the unresolved contradictions of a vast country.

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