March 25, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Where is the love for Scaloneta living in India born?

Says journalist Fernando Douglos from Bombay.

Pitto Casella Connected Fernando DuclosWho took the photo in support of the poster Argentina national team In India. He said he was a journalist, writer, tireless traveler and found a poster from Bombay that read “No words, this is true colonialism” and explained how football lives in the states of Kerala and West Bengal.

Where is this passion born? “Important connection with football Maradona. There is a statue of Maradona in Calcutta. In fact, Diego visited India twice; One went to Calcutta and the other to Kerala, two football states. There they accepted him as a god, ”said Fernando. Country, excitement for Argentina “.

Furthermore, Fernando revealed his career and spoke with great clarity about the wonderful experience of traveling across India, its culture and spirituality. All in the next note. Listen to what he has to say on Nobody Stops Us!

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