June 4, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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“When you go to India when you’re blonde”: She went for ice cream, a group’s reaction went viral

Ana Lyons, a TikTok user of Spanish origin, posted a video on her account showing her visit to a fast food joint in India. While enjoying the ice cream, the young lady saw the prying eyes of the men there.

“You’re blonde, you’re trying to eat McFlurry in India in peace”, the young woman wrote to describe the publication, which has more than five million views. Many users responded with fear of voicing their concerns, so Ana decided to post another video to explain Why did they see her like that?

“I was in India for 22 days and I was never scared. I never felt unsafe, I never experienced an awkward situation with men or felt violated at any point”, described a user of the Chinese platform in front of the camera.

“They were surprised to see a Westerner”, thus explaining the reason for those penetrating views. On the other hand, he recognized that the residents’ interest in the place was also because it was not a tourist destination. They are not used to seeing their own physical characteristics in someone else.

Indeed, as if to show that what she received was not an evil look, the young woman also recounted: “They asked me for a lot of photos, but I never felt they did it out of any kind of harassment or violence.”

Finally, TikTokker cleared it up He had uploaded the video as funny and not dangerous. So, he asked his users not to worry about him He felt like a celebrity responding to photo requests.

India: A strange long-legged creature was spotted on the side of a road

On this occasion, two years ago, two Indian motorcyclists were completely stunned, but, in this case, in front of a disturbing picture. A strange creature surprised two motorists in the middle of the night on a bridge in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Motorcyclists filmed her walking in the dark and then spread the material.

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The video was shared on Twitter and caused quite a stir among users. While some confirmed it was a montage, others speculated it could be an alien. “People think it’s an alien, but it might be, take a close look at the 13th second of the video: a laprose UFO with red wings flies by with a sound”Ashutosh Gautham (@Ashutos32363607) wrote on the social network.

A strange creature seen walking down the road in India is believed by locals to be an alienVideo Capture / Twitter: @Ashutos32363607

The images show a shiny white figure with an oval head and long arms and legs. He stopped when he heard the sound of motorcycles behind him. He turns, looks at the drivers, leans slightly forward, turns and goes on his way.

The scenes were shot at the new bridge of Sathwa Dam near Hazaribagh. Also, currently, No one knows what is behind the images, but residents have demanded further investigation.

In networks, Users tagged NASA and asked it to analyze the red lights appearing in the sky in the footage, which they described as UFOs. (Unidentified Flying Object).

Local channel John Dood News He interviewed the two youths who recorded the viral video. One of them said Deepak They saw “a strange woman walking naked” and they thought she was “a witch”.

As the interviewee revealed, they traveled from Chakradharpur to Seraikela after attending the funeral of a mutual friend’s mother. “Others came to the spot and we asked them if they too had seen the girl. She was a woman, which was confirmed by other passers-by.The young man clarified.

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