January 30, 2023

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WhatsApp completes the eCommerce cycle and lets you make purchases without leaving the chat in India – Marketing 4 Ecommerce


Two years ago Share it declared Integration of shopping carts in your application. It opened up a whole new level of possibilities for merchants and their customers, simplifying the shopping experience right from the chat. Now, the messaging platform has taken another big step in the online commerce industry.

targetThe company that owns WhatsApp has reached an effective agreement with the e-commerce giant Geomart. By this they have published. In India, a service that allows you to make purchases entirely in chatNo need to leave the app or be redirected to another site.

Indian consumers can buy groceries without leaving WhatsApp

As he usually does with these types of ads, Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook profile liberation Expresses his excitement for this update. «We are delighted to begin our partnership with Geomart in India. This is our first end-to-end shopping experience on WhatsApp that people can do now Food can be purchased in JioMart directly via chat. Business messaging is an area with real momentum, and chat-based experiences like these will be the way people and businesses communicate for years to come.«. An intelligent movement, in addition, will be used More than 500 million Indians use WhatsApp every month.

This new service shortens all the steps required to make an online purchase right on the WhatsApp platform. Indian consumers can access catalogs, add desired products to cart, set shipping address and pay, all from the app.

How to buy with this new WhatsApp service

The mechanics are very simple. To get started, all the user has to do is Start a conversation At a JioMart supermarket, chat will continue to work through this person’s phone number, a “hi” is enough. After this, a default message will appear prompting you to start the shopping experience. You just have to Click “Start,” then click “Catalog.” To access the supermarket schedule.

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Once in the table, different Product categories and subcategories. You only need to select the products and quantity within these and these will be added automatically A carriage pushed by hand over railway tracks. If the user is satisfied with his purchase, he can access and click the cart “Send to Business”.

The last steps required to formalize the purchase are, Determine the shipping addressConfirm that, and Choose a payment method. Three options are offered: Cash on Delivery, Pay on Jiomart or Pay on WhatsApp.

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