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What is Indian Astrology and how does it work?

Stars have been mesmerizing humans since time immemorial. From his observation of the sky, various Astrological systemsEast and West. One of them Vedic AstrologyIt gets its name Vedas: Ancient texts that laid the foundation Hindu religion.

In India no talk”Vedic Astrology”, but in Jyotish. According to the astrologer Ramiro MoraThis expression “Study of light”, as it studies the feeling of the lights moving in the sky and our inner light which is the soul. “In short, the sky is understood as a reflection of our own soul and our conscience,” he said.

According to the above, Raphael of the bridge, consultant and professor at the Transcendental Meditation program in Chile, said: “There is a synchronicity between what is happening in every cell of the body and what is happening in every corner of the universe.” In this sense, he explained Vedic Astrology It comes to teach us that “every human being has the ability to know everything, past, present and future”.

According to him JyotishBy analysis Birth chart (a chart created from the date and place of each person’s birth) can access essential knowledge about the future trends of our lives and thus “plan correctly for the greatest success and security in our health, wealth and happiness. The path to enlightenment”, as de la Puente pointed out.

“Just as a seed has everything it needs to become a tree and produce flowers and fruit, this discipline can provide. Knowledge of the future By knowing the time and place of birth of any person or entity,” he added.

Natal chart analysis is used in Indian astrology.Ilona Gosevnikova – Shutterstock

For Mora, it is Astrological system Works like a Weather Servicebecause “it can tell you: ‘Today is a good day to do this, but not a good day to do this'”. And he added: “The subtle energies that govern life have rhythms and to understand them is to know how much energy is available to move in a certain way at each moment. allows.”

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But it’s not just about that AstrologyBut linked to fields like Yoga And this Ayurveda. As for the latter, it is a Drug system Originated in the Indian subcontinent. Rafael explained, “Even diseases have their time in a person’s life, and it is important to analyze when each part of the body is affected in order to work in the field of health and prevention.”

Both of them Vedic Astrology as West talking about Signs, houses, Planets And PredictionsBut that doesn’t make them the same. “There are enough similarities to feel that one can use the other’s tools, but enough differences that it doesn’t work,” said Ramiro Mora. He added: “It’s like football and American football. Both have one field, two teams and one ball, you have to score a goal on the other side, but the rules of one cannot be applied to the other.

Both Mora and Rafael de la Puente pointed out Jyotish Gives more importance Aspect of Moon than the sun “He the sun It is a reflection of the soul, and according to Vedic philosophy we see life through the mind, not the soul”, pointed out the foremost of them. “We are ruled by our thoughts, desires, fears, memory and mind and that is all. the moon One that rules the mind”, he pointed out.

Another key indicator Vedic AstrologyMore important than the Sun aspect upwardsIt indicates the constellation in which the person was ascending at the time of birth.

Susana GarbuyoAn astrologer working with a Western approach, in his case, however, clarified the sun Yes, it is a fundamental factor that is taken into account upwards And this the moon, among other things. “It’s not that we Western astrologers only look at zodiac traits, because really astrology is all about trends,” he said.

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In this regard, the Vedic Astrology Split the sky 27 constellations are called StarsMora explained. It is connected with truth Jyotish He does not see the Earth and the Sun as separate from the rest of the universe: “We are stardust and we will be part of the whole again, so the relationship with the stars and constellations is fundamental.”

Jyotish originated from HinduismNarinder Nanu – AFP

Besides StarsThe Vedic Astrology work with 12 zodiac signs uses that Western Astrology. But inside Jyotish These signs are called rashis and differ in part in their interpretation and application among other aspects. They are:

There are other basic elements Jyotish what 12 houseswas invited PawsAnd this PlanetsKnown as Grahas. All this can be found in Birth chart.

Because Western and Vedic Astrology Use different settings to establish the status of Planets, Ramiro Mora pointed out that there is currently a difference of about 23 degrees between the two signs. Meanwhile he Western zodiac Note the planetary position associated with the sunHe Veda Works with planetary position in relation Stars.

“If one looks at the two charts, Western and Vedic, they are different. Imagine a Gestalt psychologist and a Freudian psychologist sitting with you: they are going to see different things, they are going to talk to you in a different language”, said Ramiro.

In JyotishThe Planets or Planets related to specific areas. Rafael de la Puente described it this way: The the moon (Chandra) with mind and emotions, tuesday With (our) agility and organizational energy, Mercury (Buddha) with intelligence and discrimination, Thursday (Guru) Knowledge, Extension and Teaching, Venus (Skukra) with beauty and elegance, and Sat (Saturn) with pain and constancy. Also, there are two Grahas derived from the intersection of the paths of Sun and Moon. One is Rahu, associated with harshness and unpredictability, and the other is Ketu, reserved and philosophical. The interactions of the elements with each other and the influence of the continuous movement of the planets over time are taken into account.

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Also, the Jyotish Consider time-structured cycles. It is called dasha systemAnd it’s important to do one Prediction. “How these cycles affect the aspects of the birth chart and it is possible to identify the implementation of certain possible results in certain periods of the consultant’s life,” explained Rafael Mora.

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