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Weekly horoscopes for the week of August 8 according to pieces

Weekly horoscopes for the week of August 8 according to pieces

Author Isabel Allende, Leo.
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On Thursday afternoon, Venus enters love proud of liu. For the next month, you will lose patience with affection that is presented paradoxically, inconsistently, or with many associated conditions. In real life, love is never perfect, but this does not mean that you have to give in to disappointment. Let yourself desire true happiness, sweetness and devotion. Better yet, ask for it. You don’t ask for much: you know how to give all this and more in return. Then Thursday night a full moon In Aquarius your rebellion activates. Use this time to remind the universe (and yourself) that you cannot be relied upon to suppress your individuality and commitment. You are not a pawn or a robot: you are a living human breathing with ideas of your own. You have the strength, and this week, don’t be afraid to use it.

Feelings that keep you strong are not always as good and noble as hope, joy, or love for humanity. There are times when jealousy, anger, or the desire to finally say “I told you so” is what keeps you going. Your indoor landscape may be dark and prickly right now, and that’s okay. If it’s anger that keeps you going, make sure it’s directed in the right direction. If it comes to combat, beware of choosing suitable opponents, who are worthy of your wrath. Just make sure you use the fuel you have in the best possible way.

When you’ve been stuck in a rut long enough, it can start to feel permanent. When you’re bored or lonely for days on end, you might understandably assume that’s how you’ll be forever. But life cannot be planned. Change comes unexpectedly, on sudden and ambiguous timelines. This week, finally, a new door will open, a way out of the same old grief. Your job is to keep your eyes open, and be prepared for change when it arrives.

The whole day Every day, contradictory messages come to you from all sides. From advertising to news, social media, and everyday interactions in real life, you are constantly told what you should want, how you should feel, and what thoughts are worth a space in your head. This week, you may need a reminder: None of them have the final say in the form or contents of your inner life. You share this world with other people, and you don’t need to avoid their input, but in the end, You are You have the power to decide where you are going to direct your attention.

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Remind yourself this week that people are different from one another. This seems like a simple fact to accept (and it is!), but it’s also shockingly easy to forget. You often become disappointed when others don’t live up to your expectations, or fall into old assumptions about what they should want and how they should feel. When your friends put you down, keep in mind that they don’t fail to follow through for you Grammar; They only work with a different and equally valid group. When you remember this, and are generous and open with those around you, it will help you to be generous with yourself as well.

you may Feel Unseen and underappreciated lately, but that doesn’t mean you are. far from it. Everyone around you marvels at your talents, your kindness and your extraordinary self. The problem is that they don’t express their admiration in the ways that you are used to. This week, even if you can’t quite see it, trust that your friends are doing their best to take care of you, and that you are surrounded by love. The problem, if there is a problem, isn’t that they don’t adore you (they do!), just that they need help speaking your language.

There are times when other people’s needs are too great for you to meet, when their demands for your energy are simply unreasonable. These moments look horrific. You are Wants To be everything to everyone. You will offer practically anything to be the ideal partner, family member or friend. But no one on earth has succeeded in this so far, and you are unlikely to be the first. As much as you hate to disappoint anyone, you can’t please everyone all the time. This week, you may have work to do to manage other people’s expectations of you. First, though, you’ll have to manage your expectations about yourself.

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You are someone who tries to build positive relationships with almost everyone who gets in your way, from your closest people to acquaintances, co-workers, and even strangers on the street. You know it pays to be tender and pleasant when you can; It’s how you show people that they are important to you. But admiration can turn into a prison. Pleasure, a box from which you must come out to express yourself freely and honestly. This week you will encounter situations where there is no way to be true to yourself and your values ​​except through clamor, confrontation, or unpopularity. Don’t be shy about it. accept it.

Some ignore their weaknesses and pretend they don’t exist. Not you. If anything, you more aware of your weaknesses more than your gifts; Soft spot protection comes more naturally to you than playing on your strengths. This is not a bad way to act, and sometimes a defensive strategy – in interpersonal conflict, in love in general – is exactly what is needed. But it can also be limiting, preventing you from making the most of the energy you have. This week, find out what happens if you stop worrying so much about the skills or resources you’re lacking, and start using what you have to the full.

Given the choice, you prefer to be relaxed, gentle and generous in spirit. When friends and partners are unstable or disorganized, you are happy to cut some slack from them; When they talk without thinking or act rudely casually, you are ready to give them the benefit of the doubt. But this week, you start to wonder if this is just inviting people to take you for granted. Give yourself permission to not get too cold. Try to put others at a higher level, and be a little more demanding than usual. It’s not about being difficult, but about taking the steps you need to be treated right.

You fear, sometimes, that your feelings are “wrong.” You worry that your love is not strong enough, that your anger is too intense, or that your grief is out of proportion to your condition. This week, free yourself from those judgments. Or at least try. No need for that Feel To be brave before you can do brave things, or to experience true warmth towards everyone you meet before you can treat them well. Your feelings are the way they are – not right or wrong – so don’t worry. Focus, instead, on how you want to an act.

Recently, you have been waiting for a big change. You keep watching and sitting, eager for adventure, impatient for an unexpected outside event that will illuminate your goal and light the way forward. Now, you’re faced with a choice: keep waiting in the uncertainty for something that may never arrive, or take matters into your own hands and make the first move. It can be intimidating to start a big change, but this week, you’ll have all the courage you need.

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Our choices in life are somewhat limited – by circumstances, by means, by geography, by luck – and are from the time we are born. I have always known this; Between fate, random chance, and the small group of powerful people making decisions that affect the geopolitical system, there is a lot that is completely outside your control. This week, you may need to remind yourself that none of this means you have no options at all. You can speak when you are pushed; You can only go out to prove that you are serious. It’s hard to stand up for yourself, but you might be surprised how fun that is, too.

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