March 31, 2023

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Watch the game that turns toilet paper into a Nintendo Switch console

My bland taste in video games means I haven’t, in 15 years, written about this stuff as I long for a Japan release only for it to come to the West. That changes today with No paper!And The game that turns john’s paper roll into a Nintendo Switch console. He. She It was launched yesterday in Japan.

When Mike McWhertor first mentioned this game to me, I thought it was going to be some kind of Nintendo Labo hack (whatever happened to that?). Nope, though, playing No paper! You will need a large piece of cardboard and a roll of Quilted Northern, sold separately. Stick a Joy-Con controller into a roll, and using the motion sensors, you can play what looks like a somewhat challenging puzzle game.

Are you laughing like a kindergartner yet? Wait you will see this tractor:

That’s right, the goal is to get a man sitting on the pose with a roll of paper without one. The Google Translated Nintendo product page says: [slightly edited for clarity]: “A man is in trouble because he has no toilet paper! You start at the bathroom ceiling and make your way to the man. However, many traps await along the way!”

You’d think checking the toilet paper holder would be a priority if there were saw blades, trap doors, and other dangers between you and Charmin. This guy should be in TRUE hurry. The downloadable game, by Takuhiro Miyazawa, is available on the Nintendo eShop for 600 JPY (maybe $5 if it comes here, as it should).

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