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Watch the ‘crazy’ performance of a 15-year-old man that earns him four seats in turn on ‘The Voice’

Riley Tate Wilson knocks it out of the park with Robyn’s “Dance On My Own.”

It’s the third night of Season 23 the soundAuditions for the Blind So far, there has only been a rotation of four chairs. trainers Blake SheltonAnd Kelly ClarksonAnd Niall HoranAnd Chance the Rapper They are very selective this season and don’t give honor to just anyone.

But she is 15 years old Riley Tate Wilson From Montgomery, Ala. Each of the coaches turn to him with his performance Robyndancing on my own.

“Riley, my head almost exploded,” Niall tells him. “It was the best audition we’ve seen here from a distance. I remember what I was like in 15 auditions for a show like this. I was shaking like a leaf, and I didn’t hear any sense of nerves. Was I nervous?”

Riley admits he was “very nervous”, but Niall says he didn’t show “too little” in his performance.

“It’s nice to hear a 15-year-old have that trust In his ability,” he continues. “I felt as if I would make you sing that song again, you wouldn’t sing it the same way twice and that’s a great way to keep people on their toes. Do you write or do any recording at all? “

Ryley shares that he has one song at the moment and more in the acoustic pop genre.

“Well, can you look at that,” Niall adds. “You definitely have that narrative element to your voice from the second you open your mouth.”

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Then Kelly, who was Riley’s first go-to, pointed it out: “You pushed me light years ahead of the others. I heard your tone and said ‘It’s incredible.’ Your voice is crazy! I love working with guys. Actually, I win a lot with talent.” The young lady. And I think it’s because I started out as a young talent—I know Niall did that too in a singing competition—and it can be different than making an album. I think I can be the best coach for you.”

Then I asked him about his favorite artists, and he replied, “I love Steve Lacey And Rhett Momani. I love Frank OceanSo a lot of R&B influences”.

“Your rides have been insanely good,” Kelly continues. “They didn’t plan, they just felt like it. If you feel like a 15-year-old, wow! I would like the opportunity to work with you.” Then I tried to bribe him, “I have great, cool jackets. I think you’re just incredible and that’s why we all turned around.”

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Ryley’s mention of R&B gives him the opportunity he’s been looking for.

“You’re insanely talented, dude,” he told Riley. “That was fire. What really caught my attention was the ending where you kind of improvised with the run and you really felt the song. I love how controlled the run is. It felt R&B like you said, like Steve Lacy. I love working with you to find songs that You can play with it. There are certain arrangements that will work perfectly with what you have, and I’d like to see what you can do in that space.”

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And last but not least, Blake gave it his best shot: “I know I don’t have a lot of shooting here. I’m probably your fourth pick on this board. I’m the country coach, right? But I’ll tell you this, I’ve been coaching here for 23 seasons, and I’ve won.” With all kinds of artists. You pick me as coach, and I’m going to quit coaching after this season. I’m telling you now, I’m going away. I’ll be satisfied I’ve had the chance to work with you, Riley. That’s all I’ll say. Pick me Riley. Let’s win this thing.”

Of course, everyone laughs because it’s no secret that this is Blake’s last season no matter what.

But Niall walked in and said, “Riley, before you speak. I’m going to hit it off with him outside in the parking lot.”

My agent intones, “I have experience going to the beat with him.”

Then all hell breaks loose as the judges all speak at once, trying to convince Riley of their choice. He looks to his mother for advice, but she says, “It’s up to you.”

So, who does Riley choose? listening to the sound Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC to find out.

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