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Warning in Indian Kashmir after the selective murder of a Hindu

This content was released on June 02, 2022 – 11:09

Srinagar (India), June 2 (EFE) .- A Hindu minority bank employee who was shot dead by insurgents in a freshly elected offensive in Indian Kashmir died this Thursday, the second time in recent days in the Muslim-majority region. Between India and Pakistan, and with a powerful separatist movement.

The attack took place this morning in the Moganbora area in the southern district of Gulkham while the victim was at a bank branch in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, an unnamed police official told Efe.

“The terrorists shot and killed Vijay Kumar and seriously injured him,” the source added, adding that he died when he was taken to a health center by medical services.

The incident comes two days after a Hindu teacher was shot dead at a school in Kashmir in a new targeted attack on the Muslim-majority religious minority.

Increase in selective attacks

Since the BJP-led government of the Hindu nationalist party withdrew its semi-autonomous status from Kashmir in August 2019, targeted attacks against the Hindu minority have become a growing problem in the region.

The government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has justified the move, saying it is now a way to boost growth by allowing companies or individuals to immigrate from outside the region, which is blocking its special status, but critics are finding a way to change this Muslim population – the majority territory.

Demonstrations by Hindu minorities in the region have multiplied, demanding greater security.

In the last two months alone, at least four Hindus have been killed and another injured in insurgent attacks in Indian Kashmir. Also, last October, two non-Muslim teachers were killed in an attack targeting the region’s main city, Srinagar.

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“The government has sacrificed us,” Avinash Bhatt, a local Hindu worker who left the area when the armed independence uprising began in the early 1990s, told Efe and returned a week ago. Plan of the Indian authorities.

“We demand our protection, nothing more than that,” Rakesh Efe, another Hindu expatriate, told PTI.

A police spokesman in Srinagar, who did not want to be named as attacks on religious minorities were on the rise, promised Efe would increase security in the residential areas where these employees live and thus “build trust”, but they complained. For the most part, it doesn’t happen in his work.

The escalation of these selective attacks has alerted the New Delhi government, which, according to official sources, may summon the Kashmir authorities tomorrow to inspect the security and measures to be taken in the region.

Pakistan has been demanding complete sovereignty over Kashmir since independence from the British Empire after the partition of the subcontinent in 1947, while India accuses the neighboring country of supporting terrorists who carry out attacks on the Indian border.

The two countries have waged several wars and minor clashes over the region, which is divided by a temporary border bordering Kashmir and is one of the most militarized areas in the world. EFE

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