March 29, 2023

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‘War’ on India over CR7 statue: ‘Get rid of the Portuguese’

Goa, India /

No matter how great the commander is, even social conflicts are capable of being provoked by his simple image. This may seem silly, but Published in Goa, India Statue of Cristiano Ronaldo This has led to sharp differences between the rulers and the settlers Public demonstrations that they should withdraw it.

This Wednesday, the head of the Goa region held a formal ceremony for the presentation Statue CR7 “As a Source of Inspiration for Youth” So they get involved in sports and get rid of bad habits, but the conflict with the citizens goes beyond political and social issues.

Cristiano statue in India, a ‘shame’

Goa was a Portuguese colony That was precisely what was celebrated on December 29th 60th Anniversary of its Independence, So The sculpture of Cristiano Ronaldo was taken “in disgrace” To the memory and sovereignty of this Indian province.

I was very disappointed to hear that the statue dedicated to Ronaldo was installed, A Portuguese foreigner. We will learn to be proud of our logos like Samir Naik and Bruno Goodinho, ”a resident assured IANS.

“This year we are installing a statue of a Portuguese footballer with our independence That is sacrifice. We condemn this actAn activist told the same media.

The ‘wrong’ bust of the CR7 in Madeira

Tributes and Recognitions When Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro That is, it cannot be ignored Bust Created by sculptor Emanuel Santos in 2017, it went worldwide. Zero similarity with the football player.

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“I had the opportunity to talk to him to find out what Cristiano Ronaldo thinks. He told me he liked it. He asked me to change some overly marked wrinkles as he got older and remove them to make them look softer and younger.” The author explained that year before being constantly ridiculed on social networks.