March 22, 2023

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Wales vs Ukraine: 2022 World Cup Qualifiers Final – Live! | 2022 World Cup Qualifiers

The roof comes for the Welsh anthem.

Ukrainian players pack the anthem while draped in their country’s flag.

Here come the players…

“There has been a lot of talk about all the neutrals being rooted UkraineDuncan Edwards says: “I’m not from Wales but I don’t just want Wales to qualify, I really wanted them to beat Scotland in this match to bring back the sense of sadness in the 1978 qualifying campaign. I would also like Dan James to thrive.”

Only 15 minutes until kick-off. The stadium in Cardiff is full, and it is raining. Things are about to get serious.

The above flag in Ukraine Changing Room.

Ukrainian flag with personal messages from soldiers in the middle of the battle hanging in the locker room in Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️

Sky Sports Football 5 June 2022

Do it for Bubbins!

“I’m sitting here in Victoria, British Columbia, I’m really ripped off,” admit Bob Zoelner. “There are no relations with either, but I would like to see Ukraine in world Cup, but you also want to see Bill and Ramsey there, too. We hope for a clean and non-controversial game! “

David Brooks on his health: “I feel fine, wise to get things back to normal day in and day out. It feels totally surreal to make everything clear. Thinking about six to eight weeks ago, I was still on treatment schedules, shows how quickly it can turn.”

It’s also great to see David Brooks speaking on Sky. It can help inspire a Wales win over.

Sky has senior Cliff Jones discussing Wales 1958 world Cup qualification. A first class job from a man.

Another big chance for Bill…

Matt Donnie emails: Best case scenario – Wales finally qualified for second world CupIt is a dream for many of us. But it is the most controversial World Cup in history. And the Everyone They will hate us. Should that happen, the actual World Cup campaign would be amazing, whatever happens. Finally, seeing these guys on that stage will make my heart explode. But it will have a bittersweet element. Losing Wales today would be a sadness. There are no two ways about it. But if I had to choose Which A team likely to lose, it would be these. I only wish a decent match, no argument, do not depend on luck. Only the best team to win. I can’t argue with that, however things go.”

starting lineups

Wales: Hennessy, Roberts, Rodon, B. Davies, N. Williams, Ampadu, Ramsay, Allen, James, Moore, Bill.

Subs: Ward, A. Davies, Gunther, Mepham, Wilson, Johnson, Muriel, Norrington Davis, J. Williams, Harris, Thomas, Matondo

Ukraine: Buchan, Karavaev, Zabarny, Matvienko, Mykolenko, Malinovsky, Stepanenko, Zinchenko, Yarmolenko, Yaremchuk, Tsygankov.

Subs: Sobol, Bondar, Sirota, Sidorshuk, Dovbek, Pyatov, Modric, Pikalyonok, Katcharpa, Zubkov, Reznik

Pitch check.

Oleksandr Zinchenko talks about a walk.
Oleksandr Zinchenko talks about a walk. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

Obviously, we also have a piece of Mr. Wales Same as Ellis James. I hope Ellis all the best today with the match and his canceled home move.

Wells will be inspired by David Ewan.

Details at Ben Fisher…

There are a lot of things to get you in the mood for this match starting with Ed Vulliamy…

Good afternoon

we are here. The last European place in world Cup Later this year it will be set in Cardiff today.

Welsh host Ukraine In one of the most emotionally charged games in history. Visitors arrive with support from the world after the Russian invasion. A national flag sent from the front line will decorate the changing rooms of Cardiff City Stadium in a nod to how football and war have intertwined in this qualifying campaign. Qualifying for Qatar 2022 would mean the world to Ukraine.

for Wales This is a last chance for Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey to qualify for the World Cup and they will desperately need it in front of their home fans. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere in the Welsh capital will be noisy, since for 90 minutes the host cannot show emotion. There’s a lot at stake for Wales too, that’s for sure.

Ukraine did relatively light work with Scotland in the semi-finals, so they go into this duel well. They have had a few days to recover emotionally from the victory in Glasgow and regain their balance.

Whatever the outcome, it will be an amazing result for one nation. Let’s just hope it’s a match cracker to take someone to Qatar 2022.

Departure: 5 p.m

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