June 2, 2023

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Volkswagen T-Cross will stop importing from Brazil to Mexico; Now it comes from India

Since its launch in 2019, The Volkswagen D-Cross Imported into Mexico from one of the German company’s factories in Brazil, however, production of models with the MQB operating system has only recently begun. IndiaMade the decision that Volkswagen would bring Mexico Its small SUV now from Asia.

The information was not reported by Volkswagen de México, however Indian mediaAssures that the first batch is made up of 1,232 units. Already landed in the direction of Mexico from Bombay.

Made in India and sold locally under the name D-Cross Tycoon. Basically it’s the same. Currently arriving in Mexico from BrazilAlthough there are some notable differences in the design of the headlights, bumpers and taillights.

The Volkswagen Tiguan (also known as the D-Cross made in India) was nominated for this year’s World Urban Car Award.

Vw T Cross Mexico India 2

The stage is not right either. This is done under models manufactured in India Architecture MQB A0 IN By using locally sourced components, but the wheelbase is the same as the version made in Brazil, and for design reasons the overall length varies only by 22mm.

The difference – and the advantage – of the Volkswagen D-Cross made in India is in the engine. Instead of a 1.6-liter engine, it uses one 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 114 hp and 147 lb-ftFive-speed manual transmission or six-speed Diptronic automatic transmission.

Vw T Cross Mexico India3

Since that first volume is already coming, it is quite possible Introducing the new D-Cross in Mexico Will be held during the month March. Many versions like the current model are expected to be the most accessible SUV of the German company in our country.

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Vw Virtus

The same thing can happen with viruses

The D-Cross will not be the only model to stop Volkswagen from bringing it from Brazil to Mexico. In May, the Virtues It will start manufacturing in India, which opens the door to a German company deciding to import from Asia to Mexico. Cover the gap left by the vent Imported from India too- once Finish your product.