June 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Vivo will start exporting Indian-made smartphones from 2022, with an investment of Rs 3.5 billion by 2023

Vivo will start exporting smartphones made in India from this year. It also plans to increase its production capacity in the country to 60 million units by the end of this year. In the end, he wants production in India to reach a capacity of 120 million units. As part of these efforts, the company will invest about Rs 7.5 billion in the country, of which Rs 3.5 billion will be invested by 2023.

“We have already reached an annual production capacity of 50 million by 2021. By the end of 2021 we have already invested Rs. 1,900 crore in production. We have reached%, ”said Bycom Danish, Director, Vivo India Business Strategy indianexpress.com

He said the company plans to invest more based on local sources of screens and chargers. It aims to achieve 65 percent on-screen localization by 2023 and 75 percent localization for chargers by 2024. In terms of production units, Vivo plans to scale up its existing plant in Greater Noida and build a new one.

“We have already acquired 169 acres of land in Greater Noida, so we will set up another unit,” the Danish said, adding that the company hopes to eventually employ 40,000 Indians in production.

When asked about component evidence, the Danish agreed that development depends on the entire ecosystem. “If the environment is ready, we can definitely get multiple components. That is why we have already reached 95% capacity in battery components,” he pointed out.

Regarding supply chain issues, the Danish said the brand was able to cope well with the challenges and meet consumer demand. In exporting from India, he stressed that this would “definitely bring extra value” to the Indian manufacturing system.

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Vivo has released its first India Attack Report 2021, which looks at the company’s obligations and achievements in India.