June 5, 2023

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Video: A motorcyclist is miraculously rescued from a train collision in India

The incident took place in Auria district of northern India.

A The lucky motorcyclist was a few centimeters away from being hit and killed by a train Traveled exponentially in the north India.

The incident took place last Saturday Achalda is a railway station located in the Auria district of Uttar PradeshAnd captured by security cameras in the area.

The footage shows how a man crosses a railroad track at a level crossing and suddenly feels a train coming at full speed from his left side. Soon He avoids making more than 20 cars, shortly before the engine hits his bike and blows it into the air, making it completely useless. You can also see in the video how he walks slowly away from that place and touches his back and hips.

It is not clear why the man would cross the level crossing when the train was passing, but in India it is customary for motorcyclists to cross them instead of waiting.

Pictures of the event have been widely shared on the Internet. Many users of social networking sites criticized the motorcycle for not respecting the safety barrier at the crossing, while others suggested that the level crossing should be guarded by a guard to prevent people from passing.

(With Reuters information)

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