January 31, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Van der Leyen calls on India to support Western sanctions

Ursula van der Leyen wants India to support the West against the Russian occupation of Ukraine. The President of the European Commission has arrived in India as the guest of honor at the Raisina Dialogue, the Government’s most important foreign policy conference.

He used his participation to promote greater cooperation between Brussels and New Delhi and to increase the support of the South Asian country in the conflict. “This is a crucial moment. These days our decisions will come for decades. Today, our response to Russia’s aggression will determine the future of both the international community and the world economy … and we call on all members of the international community to support our efforts for lasting peace,” he said.

But it will take more than words to change India’s course. So far it has been reluctant to support Western sanctions against Moscow.

Since the start of the war, India has purchased twice as much crude oil from Russia as it did throughout 2021. According to experts, the EU should now offer better concessions to Delhi, especially in the defense sector. “60-70% of India’s spare parts, defense technology, etc. come from Russia, which is a major dependency. This is important in the current context of tensions on the border between India and China. Violence erupted in 2020. The border and that crisis have not been resolved. Marshall financial researcher Karima Mohan believes.

Beyond the Ukraine war, Van der Leyen hopes that the EU and India will work more closely together in the fight against climate change. It also agreed to resume talks on a free trade agreement and to form a Joint Trade and Technology Council.

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