February 8, 2023

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Valve says you'll have Steam Deck by the end of the year

Valve says you’ll have Steam Deck by the end of the year

Demand on Valve’s Steam Deck has been high since the moment reservations began last year, but if you’re still waiting for an order email to come in, there’s good news: If you have one, LED says You will get Steam Deck by the end of the year. And even if you make a new reservation, as of this writing, Valve says you’ll get Steam Deck in the fourth quarter.

“We are pleased to announce that we will be able to fulfill the request sooner than we anticipated for everyone in the booking queue,” Valve wrote in a blog post. “Many of the inefficiencies in the supply chain affecting Steam Deck are gradually fading away, and we continue to ramp up production, so we are able to produce more decks faster than ever before.”

Valve also says that many people with ‘Q4 or later’ booking windows bumped into Q3, so you might want to check your booking window (which you can do Directly from the Steam page on the Steam Deck) to see if things have changed for you. Valve has continually boosted shipments since launch: it started sending out booking emails twice a week in April He said in June that will double Number of decks shipped per week.

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Steam Deck was rough around the edges when It was first launched in Februarybut released Valve Lots of updates In the months since, my gaming laptop has been feeling a whole lot baked good. I’m honestly obsessed with me and just wrote about the deck last month Incredible control customization options. And if you ever hear about an annoying Deck fan, update a software Fan noise reducedAlso, if you want You can repair the fan yourself.