June 7, 2023

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Vadodara Senior Spacecraft Representing India in Spain Vadodara News 2021

Vadodara: Two Vadodara spacecraft are taking part in the national team for the Senior Badminton World Championships to be held in Spain next month. Boats will compete in the 50+ age category.
Officer Jahanvi and Dr. Sharmila Verma – Women’s spacecraft from the city participate in the international event for the first time. Age is not a barrier for both of you to compete hard at a point where most people are happy walking in the morning.
The tournament, to be held in Hualva, Spain, will be the start of the World Championships in December. The senior competition is divided into at least nine different age groups and is open to players over 35 years of age.
Thanks to the bronze medal they won in the All India Masters Badminton Rankings held in Goa last month. More than 50 women will play doubles, officials and Verma said. Officers will join Surat’s Mitesh Mehta in the mixed doubles division at the same age.
“We are very proud to represent the country internationally.
Verma is a dentist who dropped out of badminton more than 27 years after school and he started playing it again a decade ago. She is also an avid golfer. “I am very happy. We have worked hard for this,” he said.
Like the pros, they both have a coach who trains regularly, and they are fitness experts. Sanjeeb Hazarika and Hitesh Survey make sure they are healthy, but Anand Kenneth trains them. The two have been playing together for eight years, but this is their first match abroad.

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