June 8, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Uzbekistan and India 2 youngsters battled in chess olympiad

On the final day of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Maximum Team Tournament in the Indian tourist town of Mahabalipuram, 17-year-old Grandmaster Nodirbek Abdusatorov—the world rapid chess champion—was defeated with black pieces on the first board. 16 year old Indian master Gukesh Thommaraju.

Earlier, another talented youngster, 16-year-old Indian GM Pragnananda Rameshbabu, managed to smile against Uzbek GM Javogir Sindaro of the same age.

They agreed to a truce between 18-year-old GM Nihal Sarin and 20-year-old Uzbekistan Nodirbek Yakubov, and 29-year-old GM Atipan Bhaskaran against 27-year-old GM Jahongir Vakito. , the “players” of the two sets.

In other results, Armenia beat Azerbaijan 3-1, USA beat Turkey, Germany beat Israel, Cuba beat Portugal, Italy beat England, Kazakhstan beat Croatia, Mexico beat Lebanon and Paraguay beat Monaco.

Poland beat Sweden 2.5-1.5, Belgium beat Romania, Chile beat Tajikistan, Moldova beat Norway, Poland beat Sweden, Spain beat Czech Republic and Greece beat Iceland.

Serbia drew 2-2 with the Netherlands and France and Lithuania, India 3 and Slovenia, Peru and Georgia, Brazil and Canada, Argentina and Singapore, Ukraine and Hungary.

Denmark beat Colombia 3.5-0.5, while Mongolia beat Zimbabwe, Bulgaria beat New Zealand and Australia beat Albania.

Behind the leader Uzbekistan (17) marched Armenia (17), India 2 (16), India1 (16), USA (16), Netherlands (15), Spain (15), England (15), Germany (15) and Serbia ( 15), ranked top 10 in that order after the tiebreaker.

Cuba ranks 24th with 13 units leading Latin America and the Caribbean, followed by Brazil (30), Chile (36), Peru (38), Argentina (42), Paraguay (48), Uruguay (57), Colombia (62) and Mexico. (67), Best in Area.

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In the women’s category, Cuba ranks 28th, followed by Chile (32nd), Peru (35th), Argentina (41st), Costa Rica (42nd), Venezuela (43rd), and Mexico (44th).

The top 10 women’s teams are India (17), Poland (16), Azerbaijan (16), Ukraine (16), Georgia (16), India 2 (15), USA (15), Kazakhstan (15). ), India 3 (15) and Slovenia (15).