January 30, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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US to participate in military exercise near India-China border

(CNN) — The US will take part in joint military exercises with India 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the disputed border with South Asian country China.

The military exercise will take place in mid-October at an altitude of 3,048 (10,000 feet) at Auli in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and will focus on high-altitude combat training, a senior Indian Army official said. matter.

It is about 95 kilometers from Auli Current control line (LAC), an inhospitable landscape that roughly defines the disputed border between India and China.

The exercises will be held as part of the 18th annual joint exercise known as “Yud Abiyas” or “Battle Exercise”.

Relations between India and China have soured since June 2020 when at least 20 Indian soldiers and four Chinese soldiers were killed in a bloody clash between their soldiers in the Himalayas.

China recently escalated tensions by building a bridge over Pangang Tso Lake, which was condemned by the Indian government as an “illegal encroachment”.

US Army Pacific Commanding General Charles Flynn, who visited India this year, described China’s military build-up near the disputed border as “dangerous”.

When asked about the joint exercises, a US Defense Department spokesperson told CNN that the partnership with India is “one of the most important elements of our shared vision of a free and peaceful Indo-Pacific region”.

“An important component of this broader initiative includes training exercises and events and Youth Abias is an annual bilateral exercise designed to enhance operational capability and enhance our capabilities to address various regional security challenges,” the spokesperson said.

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Royal Line of Control

A Chinese and an Indian soldier stand guard at the Old Natu La border crossing between the two countries in July 2008. Credit: Tiptendu Dutta/AFP via Getty Images

The Line of Actual Control, the loosely defined de facto border between India and China, grew out of the Sino-Indian border war of 1962, fueled by long-standing historical territorial disputes.

Its precise location may be hazy, and yet there is Conflict between India and China About where one country ends and another begins.

Any military provocation between India and China would have dire consequences. Both have nuclear weapons.

Border tensions between the two countries escalated in June 2020 after soldiers fought with fists, stones and sharp bamboo sticks in a bloody battle in the Kalwan Valley near Aksai that killed 20 Indian soldiers. Countries.

Despite the easing of tensions, both sides maintain a large troop presence along the border, raising the risk of miscalculations in the event of sudden and unexpected clashes.