March 22, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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US does not want to “accelerate” India’s energy imports from Russia The world

A senior US official said during a visit to New Delhi that the US would not set any “red lines” for India’s energy imports from Russia, but did not want a “rapid acceleration” of purchases.

Inspired by the profound concessions following the Western sanctions on Moscow, India Russia has purchased at least 13 million barrels of crude oil since its invasion of Ukraine in late February. According to data compiled by Reuters, that number compares to 16 million barrels over the past year.

Friends do not draw red lines“, He said Talip SinghThe deputy national security adviser to the international economy, however, has urged its partners in Europe and Asia to reduce their confidence.An incredible energy provider”.

Singh was speaking before Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in the Indian capital on a two-day visit.

Russia Despite the increase in purchases from the United States over the past decade, it has long been India’s largest supplier of security equipment. Analysts say Russian goods are too expensive and essential for India to face a superior Chinese army.

Singh said the United States is ready to help India To diversify its energy and security distributions.

We are ready to help diversify India’s energy resources, just like defense resources for a limited time. But there are currently no restrictions on energy imports from Russia.“, He pointed out.

What we do not want to see is that India is rapidly accelerating its imports from Russia or any other export due to other aspects of the regime that are currently banned by us or international sanctions.“, He said.

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A US government official told Reuters that Washington was not opposed to India buying Russian oil until it was bought at a discount at market prices.

Russia Ukraine offers a discount of US $ 35 per barrel compared to the pre-crisis crisis in February, Bloomberg said on Thursday.

Singh said the ruble had fallen at the start of the war, but the United States did not want to help revive the ruble, which had recovered in recent days.

We do not want to see mechanisms designed to put a stop to the ruble or to devalue the dollar-based financial system or to avoid our financial constraints.“, He said.