June 5, 2023

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Unbelievable: Woman arrested for traveling with 22 snakes in suitcase

Chennai Airport Customs Agents They found reptiles in passengers’ luggage and seized 22 different species of snakes and one chameleon. Chennai Customs officials said that it had arrived in India on an AK-13 flight from Kuala Lumpur.

Photos and videos shared by Indian customs officials on social media showed as much Large snakes packed in clear plastic containers It appears to be sealed with duct tape.

Snakes and chameleons were kept in plastic containers covered with duct tape.

The Agents found the animals while searching passengers’ luggage While going through customs at Chennai airport.

The passenger, described by authorities as a woman, Snakes and chameleons from Malaysia were transported to Chennai in checked bagsIndian Express reported. Reptiles are among the species most in demand in the illegal wildlife trade in India and are often seized at airports.

The animals were seized under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act “Providing protection to wild animals, birds and plants with a view to guaranteeing environmental and ecological protection of the country”.

The discovery followed another similar incident at the Chennai airport In January, customs officials found and intercepted a passenger from Bangkok who found 45 ball pythons, three marmosets, three star tortoises and eight corn snakes in his luggage.Officials said then.


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