June 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Un constructor naval es acado in india fraude por 3.000 millones dollars

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Bombay (AFP) – ABG Shipyard fueled the construction of the new indio group india structure estafar al mayor banco estas 27 otras 27 instances financieas por ms 3.000 million dollars informing the principal agencia federal investigators.

The agreement was signed by Oficina Central de Investigaciones (CBI), ABG Shipyard prescribing 28 banks for 228.420 million rupees.

This estimates that the monetary value of supera al del negociante diamantes Nirav Modi, acadu in 2018 defrauded bancos indios in m 2.s million dollars.

The CBI fires all the treasury sites, which are “permitting the documents of the incumbents who are incriminating”, albeit from time to time to investigate investigators.

ABG Shipyard, which you find in Gujarat (oestte), is a collection of malwares from 2012 and 2017, which include inclusive moments in which you can save your privacy on liquidity.

Una auditoria realizes that firma international Ernst & Young, the first private bank ICICI haul per 900 million dollars worth of dollars and IDBI Bank, proportionately the acegrodora LIC, which is worth over 500 millones.

On the other hand, the State Bank of India (SBI) has a sufrido un fraude casi 400 millones de la divisa estadounidense.

Los astilleros ABG Shipyard business with incumbents with amortizaci den in Priestamos in 2013, antes de integra in the list of 12 mayors morosos corporativos in india, based on promo songs in 2016 first.

The liquidation of this group empiricial fue orde tres años mards tarde, per pesar de haberse realoto cutatro subastas, sus activos todavaia no han contrador.

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