March 21, 2023

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UFO Robot Grendizer: Feast of the Wolves reveal trailer, screenshots

Publisher Microids and developer Endroad have released the game trailer and screenshots for the game UFO Robot Grendizer: Feast of the Wolvesthe upcoming action game based on the Go Nagai manga series launched in 1975.

Plus, pre-orders are now available for the Standard Edition, with limited edition and collector’s editions to be revealed soon. The game will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via steam In the fourth quarter of 2023.

Here’s an overview of the game via Microids:

UFO Robot Grendizer: Feast of the Wolves It will follow the first story arc of the anime series, giving players the opportunity to revisit the most iconic moments of this epic adventure. Fans of the show will be happy to hear that the game will feature memorable musical themes from the anime, remastered for a more immersive experience. These musical themes were an important part of the anime’s success and players will now be able to enjoy them in an interactive way.

Based on the popular anime adaptation of the Go Nagai manga UFO Robot GrendizerThis new action game will give nostalgic players the chance to play as Duke Fleet and his cool robot and enjoy epic adventures. A unique opportunity to dive first into the famous pop culture world full of courage, betrayal and exciting battles!

The cult animated series was one of the first successful exports of Japanese animation at the end of the 1970s. We all remember the famous battles and the Grendizer weapons used to defeat King Vega’s forces, launching attacks on Earth from their secret base hidden on the dark side of the Moon. Are you ready for the legendary comeback?

UFO Robot Grendizer: Feast of the Wolves It is developed by the French development studio Endroad, made up of experienced developers previously at Ubisoft or Amplitude Studios. In addition, Philip “Golgoth71” Dessoly, veteran ocean software expert (beginning in 1989) and GrendizerOfficial artist for five years, he will also participate in supporting creative efforts on the game’s art style.

This is the official fact sheet:


After the destruction of the planet Euphor by the Vega Empire, Prince Actarus takes refuge on our planet. Taken in and adopted by Professor Procyon, he lives at White Birch Ranch. As a Vega invasion of Earth is imminent, the Actarus will defend the planet with Goldorak, a giant robot hidden in the depths of Professor Procyon’s observatory. With Alcor’s help, the Prince of Euphor will continually fend off Vega’s attacks and battle the dreadful robots, the Golgoths, sent to destroy him.

Play as Actarus and his giant robot through epic multiplayer battles: piloting the “Spazer” (the flying unit in which Goldorak is housed), vertical shooting in the Alcor OVTerrestrial and third-person action/combat by controlling Goldorak. Use his iconic and devastating attacks to destroy the terrifying Golgoth and save the Earth.

Immerse yourself in the look of Actarus and get to know many of the key characters through dialogue sequences in the series’ iconic environments, faithfully reproduced with respect to the designs of the original series.

Finally, earn experience points through quests to gain new abilities and improve your strength. The Goldorak animated series has aired in France for over 40 years, and its story rich with twists has marked several generations. Millions of people around the world still remember his metamorphoses and fulguropoings.

Key Features

  • For the first time ever, play as Goldorak and Actarus in this action-adventure game for the metal giant.
  • Execute and improve the giant robot’s famous attacks. Find all the famous characters, places and enemies of the TV series.
  • A new gaming experience is offered to you thanks to the multiple gameplay stages: action/brawler, third-person shooter, shooting, and exploration.
  • The series’ signature music has been remastered and will accompany you throughout the game.

Watch the game trailer below. View screenshots in the gallery.

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