June 7, 2023

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Typhoon Dukte kills at least 17 in India International

Waves hit the Mumbai coast on Monday as Hurricane ‘Takte’ hit India.Sujith Jaiswal / AFP

In the passage of the hurricane துக்தே On the west coast India It has killed at least 17 people and caused various damage to various infrastructure in the region, country officials said. The hurricane, which was earlier classified as very severe, hit the state of Gujarat at a speed of 185 kmph late on Monday. In the state, “so far three deaths have been reported. One in Wapi, one in Rajkot district, one child died in a child accident, and in another case, an 80-year-old woman died, ”regional government chief Vijay Roupani told a news conference. Rainfall is heavy in some regions, however, with the intensity of the storms weakening and continuing to decrease after the hurricane hit the subcontinent, forecasters said Tuesday.

The துக்தே Rupani told the media that 2,400 villages in the state were without electricity as 1,000 pylons were damaged. Nearly 160 roads have been destroyed, 40,000 trees have been uprooted and many houses have been damaged. Prior to the hurricane, about 200,000 people were evacuated from their homes. A survey has also been launched in Gujarat to determine agricultural losses due to the cyclone. These deaths and damages are in addition to those registered on Monday in other coastal states of India. Before reaching Gujarat, the cyclone left Kerala, Karnataka (at least eight dead), Goa and Maharashtra (at least six killed and nine injured) on the path of destruction.

A man protects himself with plastic on a street in Amreli, Gujarat, this Tuesday.
A man protects himself with plastic on a street in Amreli, Gujarat, this Tuesday.PUNIT PARANJPE / AFP

The hurricane moved near Bombay without reaching the city affected by heavy rains and floods. However, barricades exiting the city’s coastline could not return to port in a timely manner. One of them drowned as a result of the storm and more than 90 people were reported missing. The Indian Navy has confirmed that 177 people (out of a total of 273) have been rescued as operations continue in the region. Sank near an oil station off the coast of the city. The second boat was stranded near Bombay with about 140 people on board, without any information about the victims, the DPA news agency reported.

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The துக்தே It was the most powerful hurricane to hit the Gujarat coast since 1998 The second wave of Govt-19 in India. Despite the declining number of epidemics, the Asian nation crossed the 25 million epidemic barrier on Tuesday with the onset of the epidemic, with a new record of more than 4,300 deaths in the last 24 hours. “Our priority is to clear the roads because of the cyclone, so there is no impact on the oxygen movement,” said Kaurang Magwana, a senior official in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. Chief Minister Roupani assured that oxygen production would not be affected and hospitals with Govt-19 patients would not be affected. However, according to the BBC, as a precautionary measure, 580 corona virus-positive patients were transferred from specialized centers to other hospitals.

Undamaged ports and refineries

In Gujarat, there was no damage to refineries and ports expected to be in the path of the storm. A spokesman for Reliance Industries told Reuters that no damage had been done to the Jamnagar refinery, the world’s largest refinery.

A port official said work on the Mundra port, India’s largest private port, has already resumed. However, the port of Kandla, the country’s largest government port, has not resumed operations as wind speeds of more than 70 kilometers per hour make it unsafe, port officials said.