May 28, 2023

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Tyler Hero was knocked out by the Miami Heat again against the Boston Celtics

Miami – Miami Heat guard Tyler Hero was disqualified for the second game in a row of the Eastern Conference Finals two hours before the start of Game Five Wednesday night of his best of seven series against the Boston Celtics at the FTX Arena.

Herro suffered the injury in Saturday’s Match 3 win at TD Garden and then sat out the Heat’s loss in Game 4 on Monday night at the Celtics.

“I mean, you obviously have hope, but I had an idea when we were leaving that he needed some rest and recovery,” said Heat coach Eric Spoelstra. “This can be tricky. I know how much he wants to be there, which is why we’ll listen to him, but these decisions have to be made by the coaching staff and our doctors.”

“We just have to be responsible to our men as human beings. It’s admirable what both sides are doing now, but you don’t want to be irresponsible either.”

The other four players listed as suspect on the Heat’s injury report were cleared to play: PJ Tucker (knee), Kyle Lowry (hamstring), Max Strus (hamstring) and Gabe Vincent (hamstring).

Both Celtics players who were listed as suspect earlier Wednesday were allowed to play ahead of Game Five. This brought goalkeeper Marcus Smart back into action after missing the fourth game on Monday night, as Robert Williams managed to get past his knee again. Pain.

Earlier, Celtics coach Aimee Odoka spoke about navigational injuries at this turn of the season.

“At this time of year, injuries are not uncommon, but the number of players, I think, on the questionable roster from match to game is a bit worrying,” Odoka said after shooting his morning team. But we are dealing with it, especially with Rob’s attitude. , for a while. And I think it’s pretty much day in and day out the rest of the qualifiers. So it’s something we have to manage and kind of work around.

“They are going through their own things, and some guys have been messed up too. Sometimes luck plays its part, and health is a big part of that. So we have to deserve what we have. Both teams did that and won players, as we did throughout the playoffs.”

Odoka said of Smart and Williams, “Both are feeling better. Marcus still has some swelling and pain. So they will test it before the game starts and see how they feel.”

Celtics guard Payton Pritchard said the focus is largely on the inside.

“I think we just focus on ourselves. We aren’t worried about who gets hurt or what they’re going through. We just focus on ourselves and what we can control.”

There were rumors swirling earlier in the day, particularly in Las Vegas, about the Heat’s possible handling of COVID issues.

However, contrary to reports of the team leaving the players in Boston, the team left behind Spanish broadcaster Jose Baneda, as well as the team’s handler. Any player absence will require a mandatory inclusion on the official NBA injury report.

Celtics big man Al Horford missed the first game of this best of seven series while on NBA health and safety protocols, as noted in official injury reports at the time.