June 6, 2023

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Twitter loses protection over user-generated content in India

Tensions between the US media and the Indian court won another episode last Monday (5). Twitter has refused to comply with the new local rules TI In a court ruling, it lost protection over its user-generated content in India. Without immunity, you should be responsible for all your posts Walkway.

Indian justice does not succumb to the pressure of Twitter and excludes the immune system from positions on the platform. Image: Twitter

Until recently, services, according to TechCrunch Website It enjoyed wide protection in India. These are high for immune sites Security By the types of content published or shared by its users.


For example, if you insult someone on Twitter, if the abused person is suing in an Indian court, you may be asked on the platform to remove his post. However, I am not responsible for what you say or do.

To curb the rising number of cases, the Government of India has established new IT rules, which were released in February and came into force at the end of May this year. Their goal is to regulate inappropriate content on social media and make sites more accountable for expeditious removal of defamatory posts.

Google, Facebook and many others have fully or partially followed the new IT rules. By the rules a large social media company (with over 5 million users in India) is required to appoint Indian executives to address local issues.

However, Twitter refused to comply with the new local rules and lost legal protection for content published by its Indian users. In this way, the company is legally responsible for every release on the platform.

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As the immunization has been lifted by an Indian court, not by the government, Twitter executives will face a number of criminal charges for positions they deem wrong. In fact, the Indian Police has already filed at least five cases against the company or its employees in the country in this regard.

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Experts fear that the public order may raise concerns about foreign companies, especially the United States, doing business with countries with strict regulations.

Despite this, Technology Companies Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said media companies in the country are welcome but they cannot simply violate local rules.

“You operate in India, you make a lot of money, but would you take the position that it is governed by US law? This is clearly unacceptable,” the minister said.

Twitter did not comment on the court’s ruling, but said it wanted to comply with TI rules. Earlier, the organization said the move posed a potential threat to freedom of expression.

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