May 28, 2023

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Tristan Thompson, Corey Gamble Hit nightclub to celebrate Lakers win

Tristan Thompson and Corey Gamble

Kardashian and Bruce Klopen together

… Celebrate the Lakers’ victory

Tristan ThompsonHe’s back in the NBA and back on the Los Angeles club scene with his brother in the Kardashian/Jenner doom, Corey Gamble — they caught up with some of the nightlife after the Lakers took home a heavy dose of WW.

Kris JennerAnd Chloe KardashianThe dad of the little boy headed to the Bird Street Club in WeHo to celebrate Tristan new team, Lakers, defeat the Timberwolves to earn a spot in the NBA Playoffs. They left together around 1am on Wednesday…in a Maybach with chauffeur. Nice – good!

Neither man had much to say as they walked out, but they must be in good spirits after W exclaims to a Korean designer, “Because the guy was wearing a gold silk Lakers leisure suit as he sat on the court.”

Tristan saw no playing time during his first game out of retirement.

Apparently, playing in LA means Tristan is closer to Khloe, too… and as we reported, the duo have been spending some time together lately — until McDonald’s by car together.

BTW.. today it’s Tristan and Chloe’s daughter TRUEBirthday — So, we think he and Corey were looking for gift ideas last night.

A fun night out for the boys!

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