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Trae Young was kicked out of the Hawks game for shooting the ball at the referee


March 26, 2023 | 10:15 a.m

Trae Young put a little heat on what turned out to be his last run of the night.

The Hawks star was ejected from the team’s 143-130 win over the Pacers on Saturday midway through the third quarter after throwing the ball at referee Scott Wall.

Young was called out for an offensive foul while taking a deep 3-pointer from the logo.

The 24-year-old made the shot, but was quickly whistled as he came off his leg and kicked Indiana guard Aaron Nesmith after he released the ball.

The NBA has cracked down on unnatural shooting moves with new rules this season, and Young has been a major culprit in trying to take advantage of previous legislation and earn extra free throws.

After Pacers guard Terese Haliburton holed a three-pointer on the other end to tie the game at 84, the Hawks called a timeout and Young’s collapse ensued.

Trae Young throws the ball at referee Scott Wall during the Hawks’ win over the Pacers on March 25.
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Trae Young reacts after suffering a technical foul during Haw’s win over the Pacers on March 25.
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The angry young man smashed the ball with his fist before slamming the ball into the wall.

Young threw the ball with his hands like a chest pass, and although Wall caught the pass (which was not caught on the broadcast), it appeared to have been thrown too hard for the referee’s satisfaction.

The All-Star was immediately fouled twice and ejected from the game.

After Wall issued the technical foul, Young turned in confusion and threw his hands in the air while returning to the bench.

“It’s just a play he can’t make,” Hawks coach Quinn Snyder told reporters after the game. I told him so. And he knows it.

“There wasn’t a single part of him that tried to justify what happened.”

Trae Young was furious after being whistled for an offensive foul during the Hawks’ victory over the Pacers on March 25.
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Young — who made himself a Knicks villain when he set the first-round playoffs on fire two years ago — didn’t speak to the media after the game, but took to Twitter to praise his team for rallying to victory.

“The good guys win,” tweeted Young Accompanied by a shy emoji. “We move on!”

The technical foul was Young’s 15th of the season, meaning he would receive an automatic one-game suspension if he was awarded another one.

Young scored 14 points and five assists before being fired.

The Hawks (37-37) entered Sunday in eighth place in the East, three games behind the Nets in last place on the field of play.

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