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Trade between Vietnam and India crosses $ 13 billion for the first time | Economy

Trade between Vietnam and India has crossed $ 13 billion for the first timeFactory in Vietnam (source: VNA)

New Delhi (VNA) – The Vol
Business exchange It crossed $ 13 billion for the first time between Vietnam and India, reaching $ 13.2 billion in 2021, an increase of 36.5 percent year-on-year.

The Hanoi Commercial Office in New Delhi cited data from the Vietnam Public Customs Department, which estimated that $ 6,950 million was equivalent to South Asia’s exports, an increase of 56 percent. Until 2020; Indochina sales at the same time IndiaReported an increase of 20 percent per year.

The main commodities exported from Vietnam to India in December last year were basic metals ($ 79.3 million), computers, electronics and components ($ 78.8 million), telephones and components ($ 76.7 million), and other goods ($ 75.2 million).

Growth year-round products include plastic raw materials (231 per cent), chemicals (162 per cent), rubber (138 per cent) and coal (128).

Meanwhile, mobile phones and parts accounted for more than $ 1.28 billion, representing about 21 percent of total sales from Vietnam to India.

India’s major exports to Vietnam accounted for the bulk of the last month of 2021, including iron and steel and its derivatives (116 million), metals (37 million), cotton (35 million) and machinery (31 million).

Last year, Indian iron and steel sales to Southeast Asian countries reached nearly $ 1.14 billion, equivalent to 20 percent of total exports to Vietnam.

Exports of machinery, equipment and other spare parts totaled $ 428 million by 2021; And other metals, 405 million./.