May 29, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Tokyo 2020: India beat hockey favorite Argentina | News

The Olympic champions suffered a crushing defeat to India (3-1) in the group stage final, which left the “Los Lyons” with the obligation to beat New Zealand so as not to rely on third results to advance to the quarterfinals. .

India surprised Carlos “Saba” Retteguin’s men with a game that kept the match in balance for the first two quarters, despite the fact that the Asians had disturbed the area of ​​Juan Manuel Vivaldi on several occasions.

India’s first goal came in the third inning, his third corner was converted by Varun Kumar and his team’s advantage was maintained for five minutes until Marco Casella equalized, from a corner penalty, he was the only Argentine.

“The Lions” then had a chance to advance, but the Indian defense avoided it and two minutes after the end came the second goal for the Asians, the team that had won the most Olympic golds with eight titles between 1928 and 19800, and the third a minute later.

Vivek Prasad and Hamanpreet Singh signed India into second place with 9 points and Australia into second place with 12 points. Spain is in third place with 4, just like New Zealand and Argentina, Japan is in last place with 1 point.

Tomorrow is the last day with Australia-Spain, Japan-India and Argentina-New Zealand matches. The first four go to the quarterfinals.


Released: 7/29/2021

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