March 24, 2023

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Three Important Sports News of the Year in India – Polideportivo

New Delhi, Dec. 27 (EFE) .- The first Olympic gold in athletics, javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, tennis player Angita Raina winning her first WTA title was the most relevant sports news in India in 2021. Doubling.

First Olympic gold

Neeraj Chopra made history for the country this year by throwing 87.58 meters and declaring himself India’s first gold medal in athletics and second gold in individual gold at the Olympics.

India defeated Australia at his home

The country was delighted earlier this year with a cricket victory over the Australian team against all odds in a match at the Kappa Stadium in Brisbane: no country has beaten Australia in its own stronghold in recent years. 33 years.

Angita Raina

Indian tennis player Angita Raina won her first WTA title this year with her Russian partner Camila Rakimova at the 2021 Philipp Island Trophy Women’s Doubles.

Ankita, ranked 103rd in the WTA World Women’s Doubles, is one of the star tennis players in Asia after former world champion Sania Mirza.

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