June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Thousands of people were evacuated from India as the Ganges overflowed

In India’s most populous state, thousands of people have been evacuated from several hundred cities flooded by the overflowing Ganges, exceeding its warning level.

The holy river rose two meters above its normal height after several days of torrential rains in and around Allahabad, the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

More than 600 flooded villages, with impassable roads, are currently isolated. Authorities have sent 225 boats to the area to help people who have taken refuge on the roofs and roofs of houses, he said. Singh told AFP. More than 4,500 people.

In the Hindu city of Benares, 80 peaks and pillars used for funerals were closed. Usually, hundreds of cremations take place in Godz every 24 hours for two days.

Despite the situation, residents continue to “tighten” funeral rites to burn their dead, ”said VN Misra, administrator of the Sangat Mochan temple,“ even if it is done elsewhere in the cemetery, on the roof and in the Ganges.

City spokesman Sanjay Kumar said the river had crossed one meter from the dangerous gateway in Benares, where thousands of people had been rescued.

The Uttar Pradesh government has also set up 940 shelters for flood victims and distributed food.

Since the onset of the monsoon in June, hundreds of people have died in India, including in Maharashtra and West Bengal.

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