June 6, 2023

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This will be the life of ‘Kwaje’ in Odisha

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David Villa This is the most important part of the great history of Spanish football. The Asturian striker was responsible for scoring for the best Spanish team in history and breaking an seemingly unattainable record, another adult’s goal record Spain What Raul Gonzalez Blanco. Until then, considered the best Spanish player of all time, without any discussion, he saw a whole generation pass by him with generations and football, in which Villa Billing was in charge. He has scored 59 goals, especially in the 98 games he has played with the national team shirt.

Now, away from the grass, but not from football, Villa has taken a new step in his life and in his life and moved into offices. In addition, he embarked on an exciting adventure he had not imagined a few years ago. But now Villa, the adventurer, confronts her with illusions and huge ambitions. New ‘Kwajae’ He went down to India to continue his life for football and to develop a team that relied on him to learn a little more about the beautiful game.

Villa has now signed for him Odisha FC One of the most important and surprising decisions of his life. After leaving the pitch last year, ‘Kwaje’ embarks on this exciting adventure as the club’s new mentor with the difficult but important task of guiding the club’s global and international operations in the club’s football world. Odisha’s advice, ambassador, international representation and image abroad will be some of the new tasks of the Asturian striker, who hopes to be able to reap the many victories he has accumulated soon.

Action of Odisha FC

Odisha FC

As if this were not enough, Villa as manager of the club will not be alone in this new adventure, but will make a great team with the other two Spaniards and they will try to reach the top. You will have tremendous support Joseph Combow, Who was a football coach United States On the team that owns the villa, The Queensboro FC, And Victor Onede. Together they will be a part of it Football Technical Committee Club of Odisha’s clear commitment to grow inspired by the Spanish model.

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International experience

David Villa is one of the most recognizable and recognizable characters in the world of football. He aimed for the best Spanish team in history, with which he became one of the finest players in spectacular football to win the world. After winning the national territory based on the goals, the national team ‘Kwaje’ helped to position itself on the world map. Both of those are incomprehensible Euro trophies And that World Cup Without villa in between.

However, the record of ‘7’ does not stop there, because even though it took him a while to taste success at the club level, he did it on a large scale. ‘Kwaje’ ended his life in the enviable collection of trophies, in which they did not fall short Champions, Suspenders, The Copa del Rey Not only that, it became World Champion At the national team level, but also at the club level. It can’t be any different after going through status teams Game De Kisan, Zaragoza, Valencia, Parsa Oh Atletico de Madrid. All the historical clubs in the national territory, it took him to the elite in a meteoric way and without any discussion until it became a reference in Spanish football.

However, David Villa decided to stop being a regular footballer and take another step in his career to develop his international experience. Towards the end of his playing career, Villa traveled around the world in search of new experiences and was eager to learn what football is and how it lives in different corners of the planet.

David Villa during the game with New York City

David Villa during the game with New York City


In this way, the villa began its life City of Melbourne It was the first step before landing New York. There he played only a few games, but left his mark on goal form before landing at Al M.L.S.. After his short adventure Australia The big step towards going to the skyscraper came to join the ranks New York City There he became one of the biggest hits not only in ownership, but in the entire league. Four seasons scored goals, which were also rumored when he returned to the Spanish team. Finally, through it Japan On Whistle Kobe With his friend Andres Iniesta He gave up a few goals in the only season he had before jumping to the offices.

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Ships and money

Now that David Villa is no longer facing rivals and running on the pitch, he has to score his goals the other way around, incidentally, not bad for him either. ‘Kwaje’ has learned well to communicate in the world of football and has not developed a bond with powerful attractiveness and great economic potential. The case of Odisha is no less, because there is an interesting trend behind this club which has almost no history.

Like everything that needs to be done in football in India, it is newly built. It has only seven years of history since it was founded in 2014, but that does not stop it from being one of its best founders. Superlica India, A competition aimed at taking football to the highest level in the country and making it an attractive product abroad.

Odisha FC Poster

Odisha FC Poster

Odisha FC

Odisha is a club that does not stand alone for its sporting success and now it wants to find a place in the elite looking for stability. Despite being only seven years old, it already has two unique locations. At its beginning, in the name of Delhi Dynamos, Settled in the city Delhi. However, in 2019, he announced his transfer State of Odisha, Changed its name and relocated its headquarters to the coastal city, the state capital Bhubaneswar. In this way, in just seven years he had two different hobbies.

Another big interest of David Villa’s new team is its owner. The Odisha project is a project in which a large investment of capital from the group is guaranteed GMS HeadLargest merchant of merchant ships and products The sea Of the world. It is a large Indian company that aims to promote football and sports in its country through Odisha and now has David Villa as its main ideologue.

In addition, it can be said that this is not the first major move by Villa in such a project, because, in the United States, ‘Kwajae’ has owned a club since 2019, the aforementioned Queensboro FC in New York where he works. Jonathan CraneFounder and CEO of the company Crane shares It is dedicated to managing the financial resources. The project will begin in 2022, when it becomes part of the second division of American football USL Championship.

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Football and Gravity

David Villa has launched a fantastic new project in India that should grow like any other club, with fans, media and sponsors constantly growing. The presence of Villa adds to that attraction, as his image continues to be recognized around the world and associated with the 2010 World Champion Spanish team, which left fond memories on the planet.

Spain wins World Cup in South Africa

Spain wins World Cup in South Africa


For now, his visit has already made a huge impact and has created a lot of anticipation considering Odisha is a club not used properly to win. However, his gravitational pull extends beyond his club and across India as a whole. This time Villa’s role is to bring the knowledge and spark of a football that has grown like us to a new country and to open the doors of the world to create an overall impact.

In this way, India joins in a process similar to Asian countries China Or Spanish football, especially its grassroots and quarry model, is highly appreciated and respected in Japan. These countries intend to translate the success of Spain over the years into its training processes to become more competitive and high-level powers abroad. Precisely because the Indian League has incorporated many Spanish footballers and coaches into its teams with very significant victories. Five clubs in this tournament currently have a Spanish coach and such players Ferron Corominas Oh Manuel Lanzarote They are nationally known. Villa joins his new club Manual One. This is the new work of ‘Kwaje’ Villa after landing in India and Odisha.

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