June 8, 2023

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This is the new C3 that Citroen has developed specifically for Latin America and India

This is called the new C3 Citroën is not an alternative to the C3 currently sold in Europe. so what It is doing well commercially this year In Spain: Eighth place in the sales rankings from January to August (11,385 units). Because the C3 introduced by the French company is another model, completely different, destined to magnify its international dimension Specially designed for Latin America and India. Markets will be offered from the first half of 2022 respectively Porto Real (Brazil) and Chennai (India) plants. Citroen makes it clear that the car will not come to Europe, but it does not close the door with much SUV character for this S3, it already Uses modern CMP platform (Not European C3, with interest), it is also sold in other countries in Asia and Africa.

The C3 for South America has 13 exterior body combinations, including two color paints, from which the customer can choose a black or white roof.

New C3, A small all-rounder in off-road style In fact, The The first of three vehicles manufactured in India and South America to launch Citroen in the next three years With “international industry”, the usual way many brands refer to emerging economies like India, it is estimated that it will soon be the third world car market after China and the United States, according to the French company. By 2025 there will already be more than four million cars sold annually in that country. And since it is a vehicle it seeks to respond to the specific needs of Latin American and Indian customers and adapt to the special conditions of the infrastructure in those areas. (40% of Indian roads are not maintained), Citroன்n decided to modify its conventional design and production process, handing over a portion of the definition of design and development to teams in each region, so they conceived a unique, tailor-made car. They are not exactly the same If the Brazilian C3 is advertised as a trunk capacity of 300 liters, the luggage volume on the Indian C3 is somewhat higher: 315 liters.

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Made in India in C3, and intended for that market, the two color bodies allow you to choose between orange and gray roof. The free height of the floor is 18 cm.

Its length is 3.98 meters, an important detail in India because it has proportions to body length They shoot over four meters. But they are advertised because it has a wheelbase of 2.54 meters (‘European’ C3, which is 3,996 millimeters long) Five seats and a nice size, Citroன்n therefore claims that its ‘international’ C3 outperforms its direct competitors in roof height and width in both rows. As for the interior, the gala company highlights the space it takes into account when choosing soft seats and more space to store large bottles such as generous holes in the four doors to guarantee comfort. And behind the other two, and another extra area on the center console. But Even in the dominant colors, the Indian and American varieties differ: they choose orange first and blue second.

Dashboard dominates 10-inch touchscreen with mirror screen functionality It reflects the same presentation on the user’s smartphone, is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and allows navigation management by touching the screen or by voice commands. In this sense, Citroën confirms that its designers and engineers have carefully studied the location of the mobile phone on the console, its fastening components, USB sockets, and the behavior of Indian and South American customers in the use of new technologies in the passage. Charging cables …

There are also differences on the inside. The model made in Brazil is blue. And its trunk advertises 300 liters, 15 less than in India.

And in handling, adaptation to the environment. For example, the higher driving position and the lower shape of the bonnet allow for optimal visibility, the suspensions are designed for each market conditions, Floor clearance 18 cm (Some SUVs are for sale in our country) and maximum maneuverability was given priority. With a turning diameter of 10.2 m It seemed an inevitable advantage to those responsible for citroen in India because they have the highest number of U-turns in that country. But curiously, the brand does not go into detail when talking about engines, only mentioning that they are “modern and efficient, tailored to the uniqueness of each region”.

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More colorful decoration on the right side steering and Indian C3 case. But the center screen is the same, 10 inches and touch.

In addition, although it is a functional and affordable model, Citroen does not want to give up a complete customization offer, and there will be a list of parts to measure in every market Taste and requirements. Even in body colors, the C3 from Porto Real and Chennai will be different: one destined for South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador, mainly) will have 13 exterior color combinations (five body colors and two types of roof, black and white Possibility to choose two-color bodies with), while Indian customers can choose between 11 combinations (in this case there are four body colors, but the two-tone exteriors are two more available ceiling tones, in this case gray and orange).