January 30, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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This is how a maths teacher in India was beaten for failing students

Outrageous, so The pictures were taken by a group of students in India and spread through social networksHe sensed an intensity in it Intolerant and disrespectful act of school authoritiesAccording to them, a group of youth tied a teacher and an administrator of a school to a tree in a bid to ‘do justice’.

The case took place in the city, according to local media in India ThinkHappened earlier this week, when A maths teacher was attacked by class-goers after revealing the names of students who had failed the subject. In addition to beating him, he took him out of the classroom, led him to a patio in a tree, tied him there to immobilize him, and was able to carry out violent repression in the face of low-grade protests. provided.

In the middle of the action The youth also assaulted an executive officer of the company. Indulged in violent acts, he tied him to the same tree and injured him.

With the anger created by the act of violence against the teacher, the failure of the group of students is even more justified, it is surprising how, Although only eleven students failed, others from the same institution participated in the violent action.Those who ‘took the opportunity’ to vent their anger against the teacher even when their marks were favourable.

According to local media, the incident took place inside an educational institution run by the local government The stricken teacher and officer were identified as Suman Kumar and Sonaram ChaureAmidst the occupation, he was tied to a tree for hours and “punished” by the students.

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According to information gathered by international media, the initial batch of failed students, when they reached the ‘DD’ grade, did not approach a dozen students and beat the teacher. About 200 schoolchildren were attached to this institution, who were in one way or another involved in a certain “mass hysteria” to the detriment of the mathematics teacher.

Although this fact causes outrage from internet users and those who know about the case, if one takes into account, it becomes an even more worrying situation. Reaction of company directors Contrary to what was expected in a case of promoting and punishing, suspending or expelling students who participated in an obvious case of disrespecting the teacher’s authority and integrity, they chose to turn a blind eye, take refuge Punishment or new reprimands against students who have already failed a course can further harm their future in school.

In that regard, according to reports by local media, Tumka school boards refrained from taking disciplinary and criminal action against students to avoid “ruining their lives”.

Although a video circulated on social networks showed the professor and two others (a third not identified by local media), tied to a tree with a red rope, At no time will you see the students, young men in blue uniforms, making any move against their ‘prisoners’.

Through the local media, it later emerged that, although the school did not want to make any appeal against the students, The assaulted officers did, added in his complaint to the rector of the institution.