April 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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They were injected into saliva solution instead of alternative medicine

More than 2,500 people in India have been targeted for vaccine fraud: they have been injected with saliva instead of alternative medicine. The detainees include doctors and health workers.

India, one of the countries with the highest mortality rate in Kovit, has been the target of a scam in which more than 2,500 people were injected with useless saliva solution in lieu of an alternative drug against Kovit-19.

14 people were arrested

Physicians and health workers among prisoners

“Instead of the Govshield vaccine (the Indian version of the antigen developed by Astrogeneka), they received saline water at various places in Mumbai in May and June,” said Vishal Thakur, deputy commissioner of local police. .

He said there were 14 inmates so far accused of the scam, including several doctors and health workers who “somehow belonged to the medical department”.

In different regions

Other cases of bad vaccine

Similar cases of alleged fraudulent vaccinations have been reported in other regions of the country in the last two months, with the Indian government approving full adult vaccinations, expanding the age groups allowed as much as possible.

Vaccinated with Pfizer in Bangladesh

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Although the vaccine is currently free in India, the initial public policy established that the government would provide it only to those over 45 years of age, so the rest of the population had to bear the cost out of their own pocket.

“Govt vaccination camps organized by unauthorized personnel” are said to have been discovered in Calcutta, Bangladesh, according to a letter written by Indian Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan to the regional government.

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Bhushan’s call came after police received information about at least two unauthorized vaccination centers in Calcutta, which are being given antibiotics instead of anti-corona drugs.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of the Bengali capital yesterday to protest the local government’s responsibility for the scam.

66 million with full guidance

More than 350 million vaccines

Since the launch of the ambitious vaccination campaign on January 16, India has provided a total of 357 million vaccines, and about 66.3 million people have received the full schedule of immunization.

In recent weeks, the rate of vaccinations has been on the rise, with nearly 4.5 million doses in the last 24 hours, and the figures do not reach the initial target of immunizations for 300 million people before July.

New Delhi, India, July 2, 2021 A health worker takes a sample to test for COVID-19.  India crosses the critical mark of 400,000 people who have lost their corona virus, half of whom have been diagnosed with the virus delta variant in the country in the past two months.  India, with a population of about 1.4 billion, ranks third behind the United States and Brazil with over 400,000 deaths.  (AP Photo / Manish Swaroop)

Corona virus case trial in New Delhi

Manish Swaroop / A.P.

Vaccine improvement is the central program of the authorities to deal with the disease. India has been experiencing a steady decline in epidemics with 34,703 cases and 553 deaths in the last 24 hours.

These data leave 400,000 positive and 4,500 deaths per day recorded at the peak of the epidemic in mid-April.

Fears of a third wave of infections, which experts predict next September due to new variants of the virus, are putting even more pressure on officials and its 1.35 billion people to get vaccinated.