March 24, 2023

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These are the worst conditions of an ICU in India

The number of patients has not stopped increasing and the medical resources of the hospitals are very limited


India is facing one of the worst crises in the country. Last Thursday, 414,000 new COVID-19 infections were recorded in 24 hours, killing nearly 4,000 people, officials said.

At this hospital in the state of Uttar Pradesh, they are living very tense weeks due to the increase in the number of patients who have to be admitted in the ICU. According to VK Singh, Medical Superintendent, Tirthankar Mahavir University Hospital, 50% to 60% of severe cases this year are positive, so the medical system is complete.

India sets new record in Govt-19 cases

India sets new record in Govt-19 cases

Singh confirms that they have about 50 ICU beds and that they have doubled the number of units to come to patients due to the increase in cases. However, this increase is not enough because the country’s health system is not in good condition.

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