June 4, 2023

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There are young men in India who get high by boiling flavored condoms and inhaling them

In the Indian city of Durgapur, condom sales are increasing significantly, and it’s not because of greater safety in sex. As local outlet News 18 reports, there’s a new trend in Durgapur that’s gaining traction with flavored condoms. The Young slaves Locals boil and inhale the humor of condoms, the effects of which last up to 12 hours.

According to the evidence, overdose by inhaling flavored condoms has very harmful health effects. First, they boil condoms so that they release substances that produce hallucinogenic effects when inhaled. It’s the high level of addiction that has prompted the alarm of doctors and chemists who are already investigating the potential consequences of this new trend.

They boil condoms, causing them to release hallucinogenic substances

When condoms are boiled they release compounds such as ethylene glycol

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Moderate consumption of these substances can harm the lungs, kidneys and nervous system, increasing the chances of developing cancer in the future. If consumption is high, these effects are accelerated and worsened. The flavored condoms used by youth in Durgapur city are common and contain flavorings and glucose or glycerin to give a distinct taste.

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These components are not harmful to health, but synthetic polyurethane resin, which increases the durability and elasticity of the condom, releases compounds such as ethylene glycol when boiled, which have similar effects to some drugs.

When condoms are boiled they release compounds such as ethylene glycol

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SL in Mumbai According to Sanjith Saseetharan, head of critical care at Raheja Hospital, all condoms contain polyurethane, but addicts of these products contain aromatics that release when the condoms are boiled, as well as hydrocarbons and alcohol. Glue etc.