March 29, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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There are no millionaires in India

As a result, millionaires living in India are leaving the country Harassment by tax authorities. The BBC Has collected the story of a prince who was called Rahul Keep yourself anonymous. He belongs to a rich Delhi family and is wealthy Export business With a monopoly of a business with the best prospects for the future.

But In 2015 he moved to Dubai To cope with the expansion of the company abroad and Changed his nationality Mainly due to these financial pressures: “I could see this as a problem for someone who has done business around the world. With a foreign passport, the bureaucracy is significantly reduced. I am not worried about a random tax lawsuit being filed. “It argues that the Indian government is putting pressure Eliminate black money and improve tax compliance, But critics say the overuse is often the cause Pressure on executives to achieve revenue targets“, Collaboration.

However, the entrepreneur assures that this is not the only reason he left. He says he made this decision “Beat the divide policy” It rules India. She does not want her children to grow up in a growing polarized environment in the country. That also confirms Many of his wealthy friends give up their citizenship or citizenship status Because of the “financial terrorism” that the authorities are sowing.

By 2020, nearly 5,000 million people will have left the country

His statements differ from the figures shown in the 2018 report by Morgan Stanley, a Wall Street investment bank. Since 2014, 23,000 Indian millionaires have fled the country. Other A recent study of the Global Wealth Migration Review Revealed that Nearly 5,000 million, 2% of the total net worth of individuals in India, He left the country only in 2020.

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Also, Indians Top of the list Produced by Henley & Partners (H&P), a London-based global Citizenship and Residence Consultant On citizenship or citizenship seeking citizenship in other countries in exchange for cash investments. H&P also explains that the epidemic has been a major boost to these wealthy Indians who want to “globalize their lives and property”. In line with the growing demand, the company set up its office in India last year despite the closure of the country by Govt-19.

“I think customers feel they don’t want to wait for the second or third wave of the epidemic. They want to keep their documents now because they are sitting at home. We refer to this as an insurance policy or plan ‘B’Said Dominic Volek, chairman of the H&S Private Group. So, Volek argues that the epidemic may change the rules of the game because it makes the rich think about immigration in a more holistic way. This is not just about visa-free travel or easy access to global markets Diversify Wealth and a Excellent medical care And education.