May 30, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Theatrical release: Fascinating story of India’s ‘Joan of Arc’ | சினிமா | Entertainment

It was released in theaters in Ecuador Queen of Warriors (2019) depicts the story of women’s empowerment, which is based on the true account of Queen Lakshmi Boy (1835-1858), the historical queen of Jhansi, who led the British Indian Company harshly against the Orientalis during the infamous riots of 1857. .

Indian filmmaker, choreographer, choreographer, educator and art promoter Swati Piche is responsible for bringing the profile of a legendary queen to the big screen. Breaking the domestic boundaries surrounding the myth, Pisey’s film transforms Lakshmi Bai into a global feminist identity. And tells its story through a true and unattractive story. “I needed a bigger scope, so I decided to make this film while I was working on the production The man who knew infinity (With Dave Patel and Jeremy Irons in 2014). If I can not find anyone else, I will produce and direct this film, I decided to make it myself because I could not do it for anyone else, “the filmmaker said in a YouTube video.

Bees makes his directorial debut with this film And as a dancer she is famous for the dance areas that handle strong female characters from the myths of her country. “I grew up in India and studied in the United States; Having been between two cultures for the last 36 years I have consistently felt it He has to show how big India is. Our culture does not just talk about curry and the usual stereotype; That we are not all doctors and lawyers. People’s idea of ​​Indian culture was dictated by Bollywood, which is a huge industry, but not the beginning and end of our diverse culture. In fact, I grew up in everything but Bollywood, so I shared music and books that I thought my American friends should listen to and read. I realized that the change I was trying to make was happening on a very small scale. “

Indian filmmaker and dancer Swati Piche is directing ‘The Warrior Queen’. Photo: Wikipedia.

The heroic queen was called by historians the ‘John of Arc’ of India. “I wanted to make a film about Rani Lakshmi Boy so that the world could see her story. I hope everyone realizes that we have to try and take our stories beyond their internal boundaries. The West is not really dead to hear any of our stories, there are a lot of protests. They will say that Rani Lakshmi Boy is a myth, they will say no … or they will say that the film about her story is not up to Hollywood as you do not have a budget of 100 million. . Some Indians will even question bringing their story to Hollywood. I tried to make a film about a wonderful Indian woman and try to make everyone understand that she deserves to be a role model for all women; Regardless of whether they are Indians or not, ”he told

Jhansi lost his life at a young age when confronted by a mighty army led by Queen Victoria. Lakshmi Boy refused to hand over Jhansi to the British. Shortly after the outbreak of riots in Meerut in 1857, he was proclaimed king of Jhansi and ruled on behalf of the younger heir. Along with the uprising against the colonialists, he quickly mobilized his forces and took care of the rebels in the Bundelkhand region. The rebels in the adjoining areas moved towards him to support Jhansi. “In these times when gender differences are high in all fields, I chose to make a film about her because it is the right story to share; She is young, but very brave and courageous. There are a lot of men against women everywhere, men who feel attacked every time a woman raises her voice. So, I thought this film would tell women and men everywhere that there is a woman who, without gaining the recognition of men, does what she wants, sets her own path, creates her own destiny and leaves a rich tradition. So I decided to take a picture of this female icon that we can be very proud of.

Scene from the movie ‘The Warrior Queen’. Photo: IMDB

Two years after Queen Victoria’s marriage to Albert in 1840, another young woman was crowned Queen in the far reaches of the British Empire: Teenage Manikarnika was renamed Lakshmi Boy after her marriage to King Gangadhar, ruler of a small independent kingdom in the north. India invited Jhansi. However, the fate of these two queens could not have been any different.

Unlike Victoria, who gave birth to nine children, Queen Lakshmibai had only one child, which she and her husband adopted in 1853, two years after the untimely death of her own child. “I tried to turn the East India Company into a corporate entity. Because the company then behaved as many companies do now. We hope that his contribution to Indian history will help people adapt to the environment. He did not want to do the usual thing of portraying all British officers as horrible men. Many Indians were as compassionate as traitors. All conversations are based on direct evidence found in travelogues written by visitors to Jhansi during the Queen’s reign. Speaking of which, the one who hangs two daggers at the waist and goes to court is a very cruel woman.“, In 2020, Biz said to various outlets.

Sir Hugh Rose in Rupert Everett ‘Warrior Queen’. Photo: IMDB.

Actress Devika Pise, who plays the title role, is an integral part of the production of the film as she co-wrote the screenplay with her mother and is an executive producer.

Rupert Everett He plays Sir Hugh Rose, a British Field Marshal and one of the most capable generals during the 1857 Rebellion in India.

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