April 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The United States has warned India of the costs of joining Russia

Bloomberg – President Joe Biden’s top economic adviser has said that the United States has warned India not to join Russia, and that US officials are “disappointed” by some of New Delhi’s reaction to Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

“Of course, in the context of the invasion, there are areas where we are disappointed by the decisions of both China and India.”Brian Dees, director of the White House National Economic Council, told reporters at the Christian Science Monitor at breakfast on Wednesday.

The United States has told India that the effects of the “most transparent strategic alignment” with Moscow will be “significant and long-lasting.”

While the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan have imposed sanctions on Russia in retaliation for the war against Ukraine, India has refused to do so and has instead sought to continue importing Russian oil.

New Delhi’s reaction to the invasion complicates its relationship with Washington, and India is seen as a key partner in countering Chinese influence in Asia.

Dees’ comments follow Deputy National Security Adviser Talip Singh’s visit to India last week to meet with officials.

“What Talib made clear to his colleagues during this visit was that we do not think it is in India’s interest to accelerate or increase imports of Russian energy and other goods,” Press Secretary Jen Zaki said earlier this week.

A US official told reporters on Wednesday that the United States and the other seven (G-7) countries will continue to work with India and hope they can streamline efforts as much as possible. Sanctions against Russia. The official said India and the United States are cooperating extensively on global energy and food security.

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The officer asked not to be identified as a condition of this explanation.

Apart from looking for Russia’s oil, India is the largest buyer of Russian weapons in the world. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi opposed calls for the US-Australia relationship to be withdrawn, insisting that India needed Russian weapons to counter Pakistan and China, and that alternatives were too expensive. .