April 2, 2023

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The Unbelievable Story of a Serial Killer in India: “The Butcher Shop of Delhi”

This docu-series follows the brutal murders of Chandrakant Jha. (Netflix)

Serial killers have forever fascinated society. First literature, then cinema, and finally television. Occupy space in the media and continue to do so. As a natural consequence of this, they are reviewed in the streaming era, where entire series are devoted to them for the first time. We have seen stories of serial killers from America and Europe. Now it’s on Netflix Murderers of India: The Butcher of DelhiIt tells one of the country’s most disturbing stories in three chapters.

"Murderers of India: The Butcher of Delhi" You can watch it now on Netflix.  (Netflix)
“Assassins of India: The Butcher of Delhi” is now available on Netflix. (Netflix)

In 2006, an anonymous call to the police informed them that a package was waiting for them at the gate of Tihar Jail, part of South Asia’s largest prison complex located in New Delhi. The package contained the mutilated body and a letter challenging the authorities to capture the killer himself. This terrible beginning is only the tip of the ball that will gradually be discovered. Other mutilated bodies are later returned to other parts of the city. This case gradually gained popularity. The urge to Chandrakant J What the police did reminded me of the most famous serial killer in history: A killer named JackA brutal criminal who ravaged the streets of London in the 19th century.

The mini-series reveals an unknown side of India, while at the same time affirming the major social problems of its big cities. The investigation of the killer is not as linear as it initially seems, and there is a twist that makes everything even more confusing. His past is also reconstructed, his problems settling down New Delhi The cruelty and barbarism that comes from the interior and he receives in the city. Knowing the specific circumstances and background of Chandrakant Jha brings unexpected nuances but nothing that mitigates its brutality.

The production includes proofs and all sorts of unpublished material.  (Netflix)
The production includes proofs and all sorts of unpublished material. (Netflix)

Beyond the grotesque aspects of the case, how disturbing is it to see a killer walking around town carrying body parts? It is frightening to find that without media coverage or someone powerful taking an interest, many heinous daily crimes in New Delhi go unnoticed or not properly investigated.Murderers of India: The Butcher of Delhi A true crime series while revealing the brutal social atmosphere prevailing in the city.

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